Episode #58: Bakit List with Jeck Jaca of Jeck Talks Tech

Discover the other side of Jeck on this episode and you heard it first & exclusive on The Roma Miclat Podcast!  SHOW NOTES: In this episode we talk about: Our guest’s passion for podcasting and how became part of 2 pod shows and his very own, Jeck Talks Tech. 5 of his personal BAKIT LIST…More

#57 – 5 Things I Learned When I Turned 30 with Anie (ENGLISH)

Did you dread turning 30? or you’re dreading for the big 3-0? If that’s what you feel, you better listen to this episode and learn from Anie of @anielates as she shared what she learned after turning 30. SHOW NOTES: In this episode we cover: Our guest shared her realisations after she turned 30. PLUS!…More

Episode #55: The World of the Married | Reaction & Review

Infidelity, betrayal, revenge, nervous breakdown and errthang! – A world of Married Couple is not your ordinary que rida story. This is like the Game of Thrones of TV Drama and so for S05’s first episode, I invited 3 of my closest friends and we discussed this K-drama & our stand on cheating and marriage…More

Episode #43: Dear Body…

Show Notes: In this episode we cover: What are you most insecure about your body? Self-body image and personal insecurities & effects of social media Components of Body Image Key points: “The problem with social media is not that it’s full of gorgeous, successful, stylish people. It’s that it’s full of gorgeous, successful, stylish people…More