#80 – Book Recommendations 2020 with Dandi & Roma

Ending this season with some of my favourite things – BOOKS! On this episode Dandi & I shared some of the most unforgettable books that we’ve read to date. Do you like reading, too? Is this a kind of episode that you would like to listen to once in a while? Let us know what…More

Episode #75 – All About Home with Regina Cello

On this episode of #Adulting101, let’s talk about HOME! My guest, Regina Viola Cello is an Interior Designer and a professor at DLS-CSB. She shared her knowledge, tips and experiences so we can fully understand and manage our expectations if we’re preparing to build our first home. WATCH ON YOUTUBE SHOW NOTES: In this episode…More

Episode #73 – 5 Life Truths with Brycan Dayao

Mr. Dayao is back on the show and on this episode, he shared his 5 Life Truths. Vidcast EXCLUSIVE on Youtube. Guest Profile: Brycan Dayao is a Country Manager of KMC PB and Tech Solutions, a company that provides email and live chat services to its clients in the United States, as well as monitors…More

Episode #65: Significance of Mindsetting with Michael Pe

They say it’s important to have the proper mindset. On this episode, we have Michael Pe and he explained why every Pinoy should learn to develop the right mental inclination in order to succeed in life.  SHOW NOTES: In this episode we talk about: Michael explained what mindset is all about and its importance in…More

Episode #62: Overseas Filipino Entrepreneurs

On their first podcast guesting, I’m joined by the gentlemen of Overseas Filipino Entrepreneurs or OFE and on this episode the guys got personal & shared their WHYs, the plans and purpose of this new community for OFWs.   SHOW NOTES: In this episode we talk about: The founders of Overseas Filipino Entrepreneurs or OFE.…More

Episode #61: Happy Ending Game with Birdie Salva & Arlene Sy

Fun. Playful. Intimate. Sensual. – On this episode, I’ve invited the masterminds behind this erotic & sensual Filipino game called Happy Ending game. SHOW NOTES: In this episode we talk about: What inspired the creators of the Happy Ending game and why they decided to come up with an adult card game. How to play…More