That Spin Class That Made Me Curse Cardio

I can’t remember the exact date, but I’m pretty sure this happened between 2010 & 2011 when my friend and I bought a 30-day pass in a prestigious gym in Manila. Hulaan niyo na lang which one, hehe. If I remember it correctly, the voucher was around 1500 PHP and you’ll have a full access to their facilities for a month, so not bad right? Besides, it’s hard to commit when you’re not even sure if you really want the service, etc.. etc.. but the truth is, we’re just not sure that we’ll like working out. Alam mo naman tayo, pretentious minsan or, shall I say, madalasIto yung kasagsagan or unang bugso ng wellness industry and almost every yuppie attends either a Zumba, pilates or yoga class at least once a week or twice a month.

gym class

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Para Kay Nanay


Hindi pa man ako nag-uumpisa pero naiiyak nako… (I haven’t started yet but I’m already crying…)

It’s been exactly one month today when she took her last breathe and left us. It’s been 3 years since we found out that my mother has a Stage 4 breast cancer and while we tried our best to convince her to get treated, she refused. I remember crying out of frustration because of her maddening stubbornness.  I mean, there are people who wanted to be treated but don’t have the means and there she was, refusing all the meds and procedures. We just wanted to give the best possible care because she’s our nanay.

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Fear of Disappointing Others

Last week, I posted a selfie wearing a bit of makeup and to be honest, I haven’t done it for a quite a while because my plate was very full of life-changing events & my world is a bit of chaos as we speak. Funny ‘coz my blog started as a beauty blog before anything else. I know! I know…my bad! Then a couple of my followers commented that they miss my makeup posts and those lip swatches that I used to do and then it dawned on me…