Disneyland 2.0! But this time, we’re featuring the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

I spent a serious amount of time to plan this trip because we must have the right balance of fun, excitement, relaxation and chill whenever we’re on vacation. And I also made sure that I’ll spend my birthday in the Magic Kingdom because that’s non-negotiable!😋  Now, let me share the things that you may want to know if you’re planning your visit to Walt Disney World in the future!

BUCKET LIST #9: VISIT DISNEYLAND Tokyo, HK or Florida, I don’t care as long as I get to see Mickey & Donald!

1. One day trip may not be enough…

Depending on the length of your stay, you may want to consider

Disney World has 4 Theme Parks & 2 Water Parks:

  • Magic Kingdom Park
  • Epcot Theme Park
  • Disney Hollywood Studios
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park


  • Disney Typhoon Lagoon
  • Disney Blizzard Beach


Each park requires a ticket but if you want to visit more than one park in a day, you can add a Park Hopper option for a fee. Check out more information here.

Disney World Magic Kingdom_Disney Castle_berryduchess 01

2. Try the Ferry Boat Ride!


Shuttle services are available for all the guests staying at any of the Disney hotels.


Since we’re booked on a non-Disney hotel, we took an Uber and was dropped off at Epcot. We went through the security check and then took a train ride to the bus/boat transfer services which will take us to the Magic Kingdom. Yes, it was longer than expected! but just enjoy the process 😀

Disney World Magic Kingdom Ferry Boat berryduchess

There are 2 ways (I think? or there could be more) to get to the Magic Kingdom. You can go for a train ride or a ferry boat and obviously, we chose the boat for a change. 😀 Either way, it’s gonna be crowded!

Disney World Magic Kingdom Ferry Boat berryduchess

3. Celebrating something special?

Visit the Guest Services and tell them you’re celebrating a special occasion and they will give you a pin. Wear it in full display and characters & staff will greet you! 😀 It was fun! I tried it and people were greeting me all day! hehe!

Disney World Magic Kingdom_berryduchess 2B

4. Expect a LARGE crowd and long queues everywhere!

Based on my research, end of January towards February were their slowest months so the expectation would be fewer crowds but when we got there, the Magic Kingdom was full packed! And this year’s Super Bowl champ Patrick Mahomes led the Disney Parade on the day of our visit. There were fans & tourists everywhere!


Some rides can take 75-125 minutes on regular queues. You can buy a FastPass+ but with that crowd, you may still have to wait for around 25-30 mins (if you’re lucky!)

Disney World Magic Kingdom_berryduchess 000

Disney World Magic Kingdom_berryduchess 3

5. Free Wi-Fi inside the theme parks.

Just download My Disney Experience Mobile app,  follow the instructions and you can access the free internet. 😀

6. The parks are PWD-friendly.

From stroller & wheelchair rentals to ECV (Electric Conveyance Vehicles) they got you covered! Nothing can stop you from enjoying the theme parks! Check out more details here.

Disney World Magic Kingdom_Pirates of the Caribbean_berryduchess

Disney World Magic Kingdom_Magic Carpets of Aladdin_berryduchess

7. Snacks & Drinks

You can bring some snacks especially if you have specific dietary requirements. Water fountains are also available so just bring your own bottle and fill it up. Save some $$ & stay hydrated!


Sadly, the famous Disney Waffle is only available at the Crystal Palace (Magic Kingdom) and they only serve it in the morning at breakfast. But they still have the Disney-themed treats like ice cream on sticks & their Disney Pretzels.

Disney World Magic Kingdom Edy's Ice Cream_berryduchess

8. Have a Character Buffet at the Crystal Palace

Because it’s too crowded, we chose to have my birthday dinner at the Crystal Palace restaurant. Dinner per head is 50 USD++ and you get to meet Winnie the Pooh & Friends! I also received a birthday cupcake. 😍

Disney World Magic Kingdom_dinner with characters_berryduchess

Disney World Magic Kingdom_birthday souvenirs_berryduchess

9. Enjoy the scheduled show in front of Cinderella’s Castle

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire Show is a musical act featuring some of the famous Disney characters like Anna, Elsa & Olaf; Rapunzel & Flynn, Tiana & Naveen and they got  fireworks, too! They are running 5 schedules in a day and so you can never miss the show!

Disney World Magic Kingdom_Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire Show 2_berryduchess

Disney World Magic Kingdom_Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire Show Frozen Cast_berryduchess

Disney World Magic Kingdom_Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire Show Elsa_berryduchess

10. Catch the MousekeDance It! Street Party!

This is one good way of resting your feet if you’re tired from walking all day. The parade runs for 35 minutes and there are 2 shows (12:30 PM & 5:45 PM). Just find a nice spot & enjoy the street show.

Disney World Magic Kingdom_Disney Parade_berryduchess

Disney World Magic Kingdom_Disney Parade 4_berryduchess

Disney World Magic Kingdom_Disney Parade 2_berryduchess

Disney World Magic Kingdom_Disney Parade 3_berryduchess

11. Stay for Happily Ever After!

Happily Ever After is the spectacular finale that’s truly worth the wait. Admittedly, our legs were hurting while waiting for the show to start and we also failed to save a good spot. But we forgot everything when the show began! I’m just happy that we stayed and the fireworks made my birthday extra special!

Disney World Magic Kingdom_evening_berryduchess

Disney World Magic Kingdom_light show_berryduchess


Despite the large crowd and not getting the chance to experience the rides, I still consider my Disney World experience to be extra special! The chance to visit Orlando don’t come often & with that, we’re really thankful!

Disney World Magic Kingdom_berryduchess 7

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

– Cinderella

Disney World Magic Kingdom_Disney Castle_berryduchess 4

xoxo roma

Let me know your thoughts :)

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