It was my first time to visit Malaysia for a short R&R and we decided to book a room at Swiss-Garden Hotel Melaka since it was the same hotel where he stayed during one of his business trips in this country.

The Swiss-Garden Hotel Melaka is a 4-star hotel located above The Shore’s Mall near the Melaka River. Location-wise, it is ideal since it’s just above a mall and near a number of places of interest such as the famous Jonker Street. It’s also just 10 minutes away from the Melaka Sentral bus station.

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_Front Desk

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_Main Lobby

Swiss-Garden Hotel Melaka is a modern hotel offering a serene and luxurious retreat in the sky. Ideally located overlooking Melaka’s UNESCO World Heritage zone, the opulent hotel, tallest in the state boasts 306 guest rooms with exclusive facilities and an adjoining shopping complex allowing guest to enjoy best of both worlds.

Swiss Garden Hotel Melaka is situated around the historical tourist sites of the state and the famous Jonker Street of Melaka is just a 15-minute walk from the hotel. Guest can also take a captivating stroll along the river bank which flows around the hotel overlooking Kampung Morten, a traditional Malay Village amidst the city.

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_Main Lobby

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_Main Lobby


Their standard room is 32mand each room includes:

  • One-time complimentary bottled water (2 bottles)
  • LED flat-screen television with satellite channels
  • iron and iron board
  • in-room safe
    • in our case it was locked so we didn’t bother to use it.
  • coffee and tea making facilities
  • wi-fi and high-speed broadband internet

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_Room

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_Room 2

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_Bathroom

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_Bathroom

This is the view from the balcony of our room where you can see The Shore Residencies (buildings across), pools with Jacuzzi & kiddie pool and the gym.

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_View from the Room


The most noteworthy to mention are the following:

  • Children water playground
  • Adult pool that is around 3.8 meters with Jacuzzi
  • Indoor Infinity Pool
  • Gym

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_berryduchess_Pool

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_berryduchess_Infinity_Pool 4

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_berryduchess_ Pool

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_berryduchess Pool 7

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_berryduchess Pool 7


Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_berryduchess_Infinity Pool

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_berryduchess_Infinity Pool

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_berryduchess_Infinity Pool

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_berryduchess_Infinity Pool

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_berryduchess_Gym.jpg


There are 2 restaurants in the hotel and we had the chance to try them both and separate reviews are found here.

You can opt to check out the restaurants inside the mall (they got Nando’s, Seoul Garden Buffet & Starbucks, to name a few) or go outside and explore more options and try their local flavours.


I will give 3 stars for our overall experience. We enjoyed the facilities and as you can see from my photos, we are quite happy. Same with the food quality. However, when it comes to their overall service, I’m not really happy. Those things made the entire stay JUST OKAY and NOT GREAT.

Here are some things that I want to highlight:

Lack of Courtesy & Poor Customer Service

When we arrived and approached the Front Desk for the first time, there were no welcome greetings, not even a Hi/Hello, how may I help you today?. NOTHING! And now that I checked the final copy of our receipt and found out that there was a complimentary welcome drink and it wasn’t even mentioned, LOL. These are small things but they matter because they can make or break the customer’s experience.

Second, there were no staff or bellboy who assisted us with our things. I’m not sure if they only assist those with huge pieces of luggage, but it shouldn’t be the case. In other hotels, regardless of the size, they will assist you and bring your things in your room.

Then, on our first night, one of our key cards was not working at the elevator which, by the way, IS THE COMMON COMPLAINT on this hotel. The thing is, there were 2 key cards per room. Now, we left one in the room because we’re charging a phone and just brought the other one. When it wasn’t working, I approached the front desk (again) to seek for assistance.

I told him my key card was not working and the staff asked if it’s not working on the elevator or room or both. So I answered that I’m not sure, I left the other one in the room and I only have that card with me and when I tried it on the elevator, it’s not working. Ergo, I am not sure, because what if the card is also not working on the elevator, right?

Then he responded in an ANNOYED TONE:

“That’s what I’m asking. Now you tell me just the elevator. That’s all I need to know.” 

And then handed me the new card. End of discussion. Not even an apology for what happened. I was appalled but tired at the same time, that I chose to leave immediately. After that, I did not bother to expect more from their staff.

Then this was followed by the reservation fiasco at the Garden Terrace.


The images will speak for itself. I failed to take some more photos of the things that needsimprovement. For example:

  • The iron board that was also dilapidated.
  • The white coffee cups were already stained. We had to wash it, like 3 times and leave some hot water before we use them, just to be sure.
  • Like I said, the complimentary bottled water was a one-time thing, they did not replenish during our entire stay (3 nights)
  • Same goes with the toiletries, towels and trash bin.

Swiss-Garden Hotel_Melaka Malaysia Review_Room 3

Our room was never serviced, although we always leave the room with the DO NOT DISTURB sign because their schedule to clean the room is quite late (around 2 pm). So what happens is that I would wait for the cleaning staff and ask for fresh towels because they never bothered to ask.

Now you may say “but you left the sign! What a diva!”

In our previous experiences with other hotels, the staff would make sure that the guests will at least have clean towels, especially if they skipped the room service for 2 days. This is the first time that I’ve experienced that they don’t check on their guests at all. Maybe there are hotels like this, but again, it’s my first time to experience such.

Next, the rooms are not sound proof. One night we can hear the shouts from the across the hall and the night after that was the crying baby. Also, you can hear the sound of the vehicles from the streets especially the speeding engines of the cars and motors passing by. Actually, I was woken up by these…


They accept cash and credit card payment and I’m not sure about checks (I did not ask) but for credit cards, the hotel can ONLY use the chip and not the magnetic strip. Unfortunately, we can only use our credit cards overseas via magnetic strips and not chips. So after trying all our cards, we ended up withdrawing cash to settle the bill. It was another first for us to experience this.

PRICE – 4/5

Our average room rate is at 198 MYR ++ (with 2 MYR Heritage Tax per night)

Customer Service  – 2/5

Will I go back to stay next time I visit the area/place?

I want to explore other options.

Will you recommend it?

Here’s the thing, if you are in the country for a short business trip, then yes. It’s ideal. Actually, you won’t even mind the things that I mentioned, except the customer service part. My husband didn’t notice them the first time he came here because, for him, all he needs to do is to sleep, take a bath and then leave for work the next day.

But if you’re coming for some R&R, then that’s a different story. The facilities like pools and gym, there’s no doubt that they’re good. Great, actually. But the kind of service that they give their clients sucked the entire experience – OUR entire experience to be exact.

During our entire stay, we did not feel a warm welcome. None at all.

We used the facilities because we paid for them, but the actual feeling that you are valued as a client, we didn’t have that. They simply didn’t care. So it was meh! So instead, we tried our best to enjoy our own company and make the most out of the trip. I’m not sure if they have the same treatment for non-Asian clients such as Americans, Europeans, etc because believe me, there’s always a difference.

So if you don’t mind a substandard customer service but you want to enjoy some good  facilities, then you can try this hotel.

The Shore_Melaka Malaysia_berryduchess

Swiss-Garden Hotel Melaka

Address: T2-4, The Shore @ Melaka River, Jalan Persisiran Bunga Raya, 75300 Melaka Tengah, Melaka, Malaysia


Let me know your thoughts :)

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