A Creator’s Manifesto

Code of Ethics


As a creator/producer/host, I am committed to establish & maintain professional relationships with brands, people and guests that I work with.

Integrity & Authenticity

Every guest/brand on the show will be treated with respect. Every conversation will have a greater purpose and shall never be for clout.

Also, the ROMAMICLAT.COM (formerly BERRYDUCHESS) is my personal website/blog written and edited by me. All products and service reviews featured on this site are bought and paid by the author UNLESS specified.

*SPONSORED contents/collaborations will be carefully considered. I reserve the right to choose to work with the products/services/brands/cause that I trust, use, and believe in.

*SPONSORED / GUEST/ COLLABORATIVE POSTS will be appropriately marked (*) and mentioned does not affect the author’s opinion.


It is my mission to continuously refine the quality of my content to improve the viewing/listening experience of my audience.


Who needs to hear this conversation?
Why are we talking about this?

– these are just some of the many questions included in the process of determining the episodes in every season.

Integrity. Intelligence. Energy.

Warren Buffet