This is a mini-series (in full english) by The Roma Miclat Podcast is dedicated to my international audience. Together with Patricia Buhril & Danica Cremona, we talk about the things that should matter – mental health., life & friendship, we gotchu, boo!

Conversations for EVERYONE.

Meet the Empowered Ladies

Patricia Buhril's Birthday Episode

Patricia Buhril

Heya! I’m Patricia. Most of you know me as Pat from Broken Barriers. I am passionate about empowering people to become the best version of themselves. I believe that we are made to thrive. I hope to bring you to that awareness through the #empoweredtalks series; that you may breakthrough and become who you were purposed to be!

Meet Your Host: 5 Questions with Dandi

Danica Cremona

I’m known on social media as DANDI, a straightforward Mindset Fitness Coach. Apart from giving fitness classes, I implement mindset exercises to help bring awareness and consciousness to people finding and creating joy within themselves.

For me, physical activity is important but it’s the mind we all have to convince first to take action. I hope that being part of the #EMPOWEREDTALKS series will give our listeners that push to take the leap in what they believe they are capable of doing, which then leads to what everyone is looking for: HAPPINESS.


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