A podcast show that empowers people to find their voice thru self-discovery.

Roma Miclat is a podcast producer, host; a former beauty & lifestyle blogger and now a freelance Social Media Content Manager.

Latest Episodes

Self-Knowledge & Ways to Rebuild My Relationship with Myself

How do you answer the question “WHO ARE YOU?” Better yet, have you met yourself? Who are we without the titles and affiliations? In this episode, I will help you understand the importance of self-knowledge and the ways on how you can meet the real you.

Pivot or Persevere

If you’re feeling stuck or failing in what you do, self-doubt begins to crawl until it becomes a full-blown imposter syndrome. But what if I tell you that giving up may be off the table, at least for now? Listen to my conversation with Ron Baetiong and learn from his experiences and pieces of advise that you can apply to your life.


Sexuality & Empowerment

On this episode of Empowered Talks, I invited Charlie Henderson, an Intimacy and Sexuality Coach to help us understand the powerful connection between sexuality & empowerment. 

HIV/AIDS Awareness ft. Love Yourself PH

For the very first collaboration of Empowered Talks, I’m honoured to join hands with Love Yourself PH as they celebrate their 10th year anniversary. In this 2-part podcast episode, I had an eye-opening conversation about HIV/AIDS, especially in the Philippines, with Danvic Rosadiño.

Toxic Positivity

Being an optimist is a good trait but hyper positivity isn’t. In this episode of Empowered Talks, Bullet and I discussed the truths on toxic positivity and how it affects us and the people around us. 

5 questions with Anielates

5 Things I Learned When I Turned 30

Did you dread turning 30? or you’re dreading for the big 3-0? If that’s what you feel, you better listen to this episode and learn from Anie of @anielates as she shared what she learned after turning 30.

From the Blog



These are just some of the simple things that you can do for yourself and always remember: Self- care is not being selfish. It’s necessary. Truth is, there’s more to life than spending time scrolling on those social media apps. Yes, they are fun but we should not forget the balance between online & real life.… Read More 30-DAY SELF-CARE CHALLENGE

My “Almost” Art Fair -

My “Almost” Art Fair

For a child, it’s a product of my creative imagination and I’ve unleashed the inner artist in me. I was proud of it. I was that 10-year-old kiddo splashing the melted crayons on my kraft box as if I’m Michaelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel. It was a big deal for me. … Read More My “Almost” Art Fair

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