It’s been 3 years since I started my lifestyle change and this post is all about my wellness journey – the challenges, the developments & the results. Click this to read everything.More


These are just some of the simple things that you can do for yourself and always remember: Self- care is not being selfish. It’s necessary. Truth is, there’s more to life than spending time scrolling on those social media apps. Yes, they are fun but we should not forget the balance between online & real life.More

That Spin Class That Made Me Curse Cardio

So eto kami, pedal-pedal pa more! Feeling active and getting the worth of our money, maya-maya a group of people came and a man stood in front. He looks like the instructor (based on his great physique) Putek! may class pala!More

Screw the Scale!

“After months of not stepping on a scale, I tried to check my weight again and what do you know, my weight went up. And at first, I wasn’t happy.”More

A Year of Yoga

Last August, my yoga practice turned one year and I can’t get enough of it changed me as a person and how the practice changed my life & well-beingMore