The Ordinary Skin Care

The Ordinary Skin Care Review

The Ordinary Skin Care Review

The brand’s name recall is, in my opinion, quite catchy. Like when someone asks you,

Friend: what are your skin care brands?

You: The Ordinary.

And if they don’t know it, they’re next question is…

Friend: The Ordinary? What’s that?

So what I’m trying to say is that the brand name itself will definitely scratch anyone’s curiosity, but wait until you see the product naming convention & packaging. 😉

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Dior Lacquer Sticks

DIOR Lacquer Stick review Singapore

I started my beauty blog with my all-out love for flat matte lipsticks but just like the rest of the world, my space and preference are subject to change. And as I’ve always mentioned in me old posts, I promised to try and explore new things – stuff that can make me take a second look at the things that I don’t usually use or do. For today, I’ll do that with Dior’s latest lip products – the LACQUER STICKS.

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Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation & Concealer Review

Bourjois HEalthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation

I already started my search for medium coverage foundations (yes, you read it correctly!) because I really want to achieve that au naturel look – that my-skin-but-better. Lately, I’ve been into skin care but I’ve been trying BB creams and cushion (which I will share in the next couple of weeks) and I really dig them.

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