3 Things That I Changed This Year

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About the Episode

The year is almost over! I hope you take the time to review and reflect on the things that happened in your life this 2021. Listen to this episode and may it be your guide as you set your intentions for next year.

(original audio is in tagalog-english)

At the beginning of the year, I shared on my first ever Facebook Live session my theme of the year, and on this episode, I will share the 3 biggest changes that I did in order to achieve my goals in 2021! 

1. I Stopped Waiting.

For 2021 I chose GROWTH & THRIVE, and one of the biggest changes that I did was that I stopped waiting for people. Being a people-pleaser, for the longest time, made me realise that I always wait for everyone.

Waiting for approvals
Waiting for acknowledgements
Waiting for them to give me the time I thought I needed.

But waiting for people also means stopping my personal growth. So at the start of the year, I slowly built my boundaries sa work and personal relationships. And the moment you establish boundaries, you can do more. you can be more because you’re clear with your limits and capabilities.

2. I Paid Myself First.

Aside from I’m putting up my savings, I also got a coach and I’ve attended workshops and trainings that can help me be better at work. 

Before, I didn’t believe in that and always thought it’s a waste of money because I can get most lessons for free! That’s what Youtube is for? But those are free for a reason.

If you want to grow more, then be ready to invest because there’s so much to learn from the masters and professionals. The classes that I’ve attended changed me and I became more confident in present myself publicly. And that confidence translated to paid opportunities. And that, my friend is my return of investment.

3. Compassion & Empathy for Others.

I learned to judge others much lesser especially this year after feeding myself with books & watched documentaries that are focused on mental health and what’s heartbreaking is there’s so much stigma when it comes to this subject.

It’s important that we educate ourselves on these matters because a less judgemental society is a safer society. And we can start in our own circles. Just listening without judgement is so comforting and that’s already a big help to people who are going through a lot.  

And that’s one of my goals for this show. I want you to find this podcast as your safe space. I hope that you find  comfort and hopefully, resolution in every episode. Or if not, even just a silent friend who will never judge you.

What about you? What Are the changes that you did this year that made a difference in your life? I hope you take the time to reflect on it and this is me cheering for you! 

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