HIV/AIDS in the Philippines ft. Danvic Rosadiño of Love Yourself PH

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For the very first collaboration of Empowered Talks, I’m honoured to join hands with Love Yourself PH as they celebrate their 10th year anniversary. In this 2-part podcast episode, I had an eye-opening conversation with Danvic Rosadiño about the latest HIV/AIDS information in the Philippines.

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For the very first collaboration of Empowered Talks, I’m honoured to join hands with Love What will you do if a loved one tested positive with HIV?



LoveYourself believes that self-worth is key to building an empowered community. Through awareness, education, counseling, fun social interactions, and activities that weave these elements into a unity, we take delight in spreading our message of the value of self-worth and the critical importance of loving oneself.

LoveYourself is the brainchild of Ten Outstanding Young Man of the Philippines (Youth Leadership) and Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Awardee (Humanitarian Leadership), Ronivin (Vinn) Garcia Pagtakhan.


  • HIV is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system. If HIV is not treated, it can lead to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).

HIV in the Philippines

  • The following are based from the statistics and trends as of March 2021 provided by the Department of Health – Epidemiology Bureau

More in this episode

  • Understanding people living with HIV (PLHIV)
  • Importance of the family/familial support in helping the patients live a normal life.
  • The first 3 things that I should do when I find out that a loved one tested positive.


Danvic Rosadiño is the Director of Operations of LoveYourself Inc., a community-based organization based in metropolitan Manila, Philippines. While the organization’s main thrust is to promote self-worth leading to self-care among the men who have sex with men (MSM) and the youth, the organization is mostly known to provide HIV and sexual health-related services to the community.

He has spearheaded various HIV and sexual health researches, programs, and innovations, such as Project PrEPPY (PrEP Pilipinas; a multi-sectoral program that spearheaded the introduction of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis in the Philippines), SelfCare (introduction of HIV unassisted self-testing in the Philippines). He also conducted several researches on HIV prevalence and incidence among MSM in various clinics in Manila, Philippines, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Juggling his passion for learning and being an HIV advocate, he also headed the learning and development team of LoveYourself. He is also an HIV counselor, life coach, and client data protection officer. Formerly, he is a Surveillance Assistant at the National HIV and STI Surveillance and Strategic Information Unit of the Epidemiology Bureau, Department of Health – Philippines.

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Source: Academic Medical Education

Love Yourself PH
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Download : HIV/AIDS & ART Registry of the Philippines – DOH/Epidemiology Bureau as of March 2021