In this episode we covered the following:

  • The difference between Sexuality & Intimacy.
  • INTIMACY ISSUES: Understanding Sexual Blockages
  • Society’s beliefs on sexual, pleasure, expression & Shame


  • There’s many sexuality as there’s humans on earth. – Emily Nagoski
  • On Intimacy Issues: “We are taught, so often in a patriarchal society, that something is wrong with us and we’re broken. And so, so many of us think that if something is slightly different from anyone else, it’s an issue. Or if I don’t look exactly like them, I am broken. Versus SEXUAL BLOCKAGE because that means there’s resistance or blockages to intimacy or sexuality.” – Charlie Henderson
  • Sexual awakening is ageless. It can happen at any age.
  • “How can you say that you’re empowered if you cannot express yourself?” – Roma Miclat
  • “If we are trying to fit in this “perfect box” of what society has deemed appropriate, the less that we’re showing up as ourselves.” – Charlie Henderson




As an intimacy + empowerment coach, Charlie supports individuals who are feeling stuck in their sex life to have more fulfilling and passionate sex.

Charlie has always been passionate about human connection, relationships, and sexuality. After years of professional dancing, she found herself on the path of yoga, philosophy, and meditation. Through yoga, she began experiencing a deep liberation in her body and soul. She realized she had spent most of her life feeling uncomfortable within her body, which resulted in deep discomfort in her sexuality. 

Soon after, she began diving into the world of tantra, which led to many powerful breakthroughs in her relationship with herself, her body, and her sexuality. 

She knew she had to spread this knowledge to women and non-binary individuals. She currently works 1:1 with clients in her program specifically designed to help liberate individuals in their relationship with themselves as well as their partner(s). 

Charlie is currently training with the Tantric Insitute of Integrated Sexuality, led by Layla Martin, which blends the realms of neuroscience, tantra, as well as sex, love, and relationship coaching.

Instagram: charliehenderson_coaching