Episode #75 – All About Home with Regina Cello

On this episode of #Adulting101, let’s talk about HOME! My guest, Regina Viola Cello is an Interior Designer and a professor at DLS-CSB. She shared her knowledge, tips and experiences so we can fully understand and manage our expectations if we’re preparing to build our first home.



In this episode we talk about:

  • The realistic budget and buffer that you need to prepare when you’re planning to build your first home.
  • Basic things that we must consider or know when you’re planning to build your first home.
  • Common mistakes when building your house.
    • The role of architect, engineer and interior designer and the importance of consulting them.
  • Tips during home renovations
    • how often should you renovate
    • what must be checked/ changed
  • Scandinavian/Minimalist Home Style
  • Advise if you are planning to build your first home