Episode #60: Getting Married in the Philippines this 2020 with Ms. Mayette Dela Cruz- Cinco

On the second episode of Adulting 101, I’ve invited Ms.Mayette Dela Cruz Cinco of MCC Events to talk about wedding preparations, importance of hiring an events planner and most important of all, THE COST of getting married this 2020 in the Philippines.


In this episode we talk about:

  • What is the an events planner and wedding coordinator?
  • Why do we need to hire a professional event’s planner/coordinator?
  • Will an intimate wedding be cheaper than a grand wedding?
  • The cost of destination wedding vs. grand wedding.
  • Common rookie mistakes when planning a wedding
  • Top 3 things to prioritise when planning your wedding


  • “You don’t have to break the bank for your wedding because real life begins the day after the wedding.” – Ms. Mayette Dela Cruz-Cinco
  • “Paghandaan mo ng hindi ka nag-iisip.” – Ms. Mayette Dela Cruz-Cinco