Episode #56: The Testy ’20 | #EMPOWERED with Patricia Buhril & Danica Cremona

Dandi’s back and on the first Sunday of September, the 3 of us revisited our 2020 plans and checked our progress & setbacks. But most important of all, our we shared the greatest lessons and realizations that this year taught us. Listen now.


In this episode we cover:

  • We shared our 2020 plans & which ones were achieved PLUS! important realisations that the lockdown taught us.
  • Listen how our #bridechilla handled all the changes on her supposed-to-be summer wedding plans!
  • We also talked about finding the right connections & friendship in the midst of the pandemic.


  • “2020 is the year of self-awareness & mental health awareness because the lockdown has been hard, if not for everyone, but for the most of us.” – Roma Miclat
  • “The pandemic has made me realise, at a very deep level, that they (my family members, cousins, etc,) don’t care about me.” – Patricia Buhril
  • “Realising that your family and close friends, or who you think are your close friends, are not necessarily the people who love you. There are people who are not related to you who love you and care about you.” – Patricia Buhril.
  • “Keep in mind that you’re doing this because it makes you happy. And this lockdown taught me not to waste time.”- Danica Cremona