Episode #55: The World of the Married | Reaction & Review

Infidelity, betrayal, revenge, nervous breakdown and errthang! – A world of Married Couple is not your ordinary que rida story. This is like the Game of Thrones of TV Drama and so for S05’s first episode, I invited 3 of my closest friends and we discussed this K-drama & our stand on cheating and marriage struggles. Listen now!


In this episode we cover:

  • Our official reaction and review of The World of the Married, the winner of the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards.
  • Different points of view of 4 women when it comes to friendship, infidelity and marriage struggles.
  • How the drama showcased the position of women in the society – being a divorced woman & earning more.
  • The different types of women/wives and how they handle infidelity.
  • When will you draw the line and when is it your business to tell your friend that his/her partner is cheating?
  • Will you tell your kids?


  • When faced with adversity, always go back and check your moral compass.
  • Cheating is disrespecting your partner and lying is a choice. It’s your choice to betray your wife/partner.
  • Being a strong, successful woman is not a flaw nor your fault.
  • “You won’t win with people. Everyone will always have an opinion about you or your life or your decisions, so just do what you feel and think is right. You don’t owe them an explanation.” – Roma Miclat
  • “We deserve to be happy.” – Therese Lat