Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams _ Book review

To the cute girl with the coffee stains on her dress. I’m the guy who’s always standing near the doors… Drink sometime?

Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams Book review

Genre: Fiction/Contemporary Romance/Chick Lit
Date Started Reading: 11 February 2020 
Date Finished Reading: 02 April 2020

Our Story by Lauren Jane Williams_first date quote


I wanted to love this book so much because the first few chapters got the potential of a good romantic comedy/contemporary romance novel! It’s smart & funny with drops of pop culture references that we can all relate to. HOWEVER! towards the middle it was more of a MEH!

I found myself skimming & skipping (fast reading it is!) just so I can get to the good parts with the hope that they will finally meet. There is such thing as slow burn and/or building anticipation but the story was stretched far too long that you will somewhat lose your interest to read the next chapters & just skip towards the end.

How many times I found myself rolling my eyes because I’m already annoyed while saying “OMG! can you meet ALREADY!!!” 🙄🙄 And that is not a good thing. The balance of romantic excitement was tipped to dip. Nadia & Daniel’s story picked up towards the last few chapters and how I wish that part was placed in the middle & then some more towards the end.

  • The LGBTQ touch – love it.
  • The Feminist touch – love that too.
  • Loss, Grief & finding love in the modern world – loved it.

Like I said, this had the potential but it lacked in some ways. I am giving it ⭐️⭐️ (2) stars.


Our Story by Lauren Jane Williams_love quote

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