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Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams Book review

Genre: Fiction/Contemporary Romance/Chick Lit
Date Started Reading: 11 February 2020 
Date Finished Reading: 02 April 2020

Our Story by Lauren Jane Williams_first date quote


I wanted to love this book so much because the first few chapters got the potential of a good romantic comedy/contemporary romance novel! It’s smart & funny with drops of pop culture references that we can all relate to. HOWEVER! towards the middle it was more of a MEH!

I found myself skimming & skipping (fast reading it is!) just so I can get to the good parts with the hope that they will finally meet. There is such thing as slow burn and/or building anticipation but the story was stretched far too long that you will somewhat lose your interest to read the next chapters & just skip towards the end.

How many times I found myself rolling my eyes because I’m already annoyed while saying “OMG! can you meet ALREADY!!!” 🙄🙄 And that is not a good thing. The balance of romantic excitement was tipped to dip. Nadia & Daniel’s story picked up towards the last few chapters and how I wish that part was placed in the middle & then some more towards the end.

  • The LGBTQ touch – love it.
  • The Feminist touch – love that too.
  • Loss, Grief & finding love in the modern world – loved it.

Like I said, this had the potential but it lacked in some ways. I am giving it ⭐️⭐️ (2) stars.


Our Story by Lauren Jane Williams_love quote

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