If you’re visiting the happiest place on Earth, being EXCITED is an UNDERSTATEMENT! And regardless of your age and gender – it’s a freakin’ huge thing because hello?! You’re meeting Mickey, Minnie & friends! So before the excitement eats you, here are some of the important things that you should take note when planning your visit to Disneyland HK. I know there are a lot of tips out there but these are based on what we’ve experienced and observed.

Hong KOng Disneyland travel tips 2019 berryduchess


And by this, I mean try to schedule your visit to Disney on a weekday because just like any other establishment, everything is full-house on a weekend! You have a better chance to try the rides and see attractions too because the queues are shorter.

Buy your tickets online

  • You can book your tickets directly from the HK Disneyland website or via Klook (for special rates, if available).
  • This will save from queueing and you’ll have more time exploring the park.

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_10_2019 berryduchess


  • Hotel Guests

If you’re staying in one of the Disney hotels, there are shuttle services available for all the guests so it’s truly convenient especially if you’re watching the evening parade/show. After the show, just go to the designated bus stops of your hotel & wait for the shuttle service.

  • Staying in the City

If you’re booked in the city, it’s best to take note of the train timings to plan your travel back to the hotel well. When we were in the city, we stayed at IBIS HK Central & Sheung Wan and it was around an hour of travel (with lots of walking and change of platforms) from Lantau Island. So don’t forget to consider other factors in your trip such as:

  • kids & older family members
    •  can they still walk and commute after a tiring day?
  • level of tiredness
    • because kids and people, in general, can be cranky when tired and for parents, if the kids are tired, be ready to carry them.

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_3_2019 berryduchess


A. Sunscreen, Sunglasses and cap

Depending on the month of your visit, it can get pretty hot in the island/theme park especially in the afternoon. So sun protection is very important – be protected or be toasted. Your choice!

Caps and headbands are available in gifts shops but if you don’t want to pay extra, you can always bring your own.

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_05_2019_berryduchess.JPG

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_04_2019_berryduchess.JPG

B. Water Bottle

It’s a known fact that food & drinks are pricey in theme parks and taking a water bottle with you is not just environmental-friendly but also a money-saver. There are drinking fountains everywhere at the park and you can refill anytime so you can stay hydrated.

c. Camera, Selfie sticks, etc.

Of course! We all need photos and selfies! Be sure to bring them all.

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_06_2019_berryduchess.JPG

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_09_2019_berryduchess

Official photographers are available onsite (you can claim & pay for the pictures, of course) and at the same time, they will also take photos using your camera phones. So be sure you got enough charge when they take your pictures.

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_07_2019_berryduchess.JPG

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_10_2019_berryduchess

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_08_2019_berryduchess

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_13_2019_berryduchess 01

D. Bug Repellent

This is a NON-NEGOTIABLE travel pre-cautions especially when we visit tropical countries like Hong Kong & Thailand. We use a couple of mosquito repellent patch (one on top/one on bottom) whenever we go out of our hotel room.

E. Prepare your cash.

The major shops/restaurants in the theme park’s accepting cash & major credit cards. ATMs are also available in case you need to withdraw some extra money. I’m not sure with food carts, but just prepare cash when buying snacks. 🙂

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_14_2019_berryduchess

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_14_2019_berryduchess

You can bring your snacks too!

Theme park foods are not always the best choices because they are either too sugary or fried –  in short, EMPTY CALORIES. If you’ve got special dietary needs, you can bring your food such as small cut fruits, a bag of chips, sandwiches etc.

You can check the rest here: https://www.hongkongdisneyland.com/faq/dining/guest-food/ But at the same time, allow yourself to enjoy some Disney treats like ice lollies, ice cream on sticks or that famous Mickey waffles!

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_14_2019_berryduchess

F. Small bag
  • Bring a small bag where you can put your wallet, water bottle and maybe your extra shirt; nothing too heavy or bulky.


We all want to be cute and take ‘grammable shots but in my opinion –  never compromise comfort. You can always find something in between for sure. Of course, you can do whatever you want! I’ve seen people in high heels, clogs and heavy makeup because again…WHY NOT! But if you want to enjoy the rides, be sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes because you’ll sweat a lot and it’s important that you’re on a comfortable pair of shoes because walking is a MUST!

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_what to wear_2019_berryduchess 01

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_11 2019 berryduchess

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_what to wear_2019_berryduchess

Go to the park before it opens.

The park opens at 10:30 AM but you can go earlier and take photos. They got beautiful landscapes, flowers, installations and fountains. You can also find souvenir shops & food stalls. Once it opens, you can enjoy the almost empty park (being one of the first guests) and it’s the best time to get your solo shots!

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_2019_berryduchess

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_2019_berryduchess

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_2019_berryduchess

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_2019_berryduchess

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_2019_berryduchess

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_13_2019_berryduchess 01

Stay until the final show at the USA Main Street.

Parades & shows are depending on the season/occasion when you visit Disneyland but regardless! Be sure to watch the final show/parade of the evening for your full Disney experience!

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_09_2019_berryduchess

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_09_2019_berryduchess

and my last and final tip…

Be ready for anything!

Just like any tropical countries, the weather in Hong Kong is unpredictable and typhoons can hit the island anytime! During our trip, a typhoon hit HK (level 8) and it was raining for 2 days. We had to adjust our entire stay and move our original schedule because we  wanted to spend 2 days in Disneyland. So be sure to check the weather forecasts before you schedule your trip.

Hong Kong Disneyland travel tips_2_2019 berryduchess.JPG

I hope you find these helpful and if you got any questions, please feel free to share it below and I’ll try my best to answer them all!

xoxo roma

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