I was going through my old notes yesterday and saw this 2-page/back to back notes  inserted in one of my notebooks. It made me smile while reading it because it brought me back to my first memory of Paris, and gosh! I miss Europe! I miss the beauty of old buildings in Paris and I miss the festive feels of this beautiful city.

Love notes from Paris 2014.jpg

Love notes from Paris 2014 2

***unedited post, so please bear with me***

…been here for a week, but I’ve been around Paris for 2 days: the day we arrived and went straight to Louvre’s yard and second was yesterday, Saturday.

I. We started the day early; had breakfast at the hotel and then hit the road.

FIRST STOP: Stroll at Rue St. Honore

  • True enough, it is like a shopping haven especially if you have the dough! The streets were like this stretch of luxury brands. But what I really enjoy is the building architecture. Very old, classy – a true vintage beauty!
  • It felt SURREAL when we were standing in front of a store and Dean Martin’s Let It Snow started playing. It felt like a Hollywood movie scene and out of the blue I said...”Oh! it’s really Christmas here in Paris!”
  • Window-shopping has never been this fun! The hubby is never so eager to walk so much!
  • Seeing a real pine tree with decors was great because hey! in Manila, Philippines (where I’m from) we don’t get to see real Christmas trees!


  • We decided to have our lunch at Galeries Lafayette so I can also show him the beautiful decors at the atrium.
  • I had risotto and he got the scallop and according to him…he didn’t enjoy the lunch. Well, he’s a man with a huge appetite & small portions won’t really satisfy him. He loved their signature chocolate beverage tho!
  • After lunch, we went on the 6th floor of Galeries Lafayette to see the view of Paris from there. (The mall was packed!)

Galeries Lafayette_2014

THIRD STOP: The Eiffel Tower

(see full story here)
  • breathtaking & very crowded! but you can find a spot where you can take your photos or for most of us, UNLIMITED selfies!
  • The following were my thoughts while I was under the Eiffel (please read it with super excited voice!)

OMG! I am here in PARIS!
This is a dream come true!

After taking a selfie our selfie, I hugged him and said thank you for bringing me there & making one of my dreams come true. 🙂

  • Seeing the Eiffel tower might be like the same as when you are in Disney? Because it is MAGICAL! Everyone’s smiling and hugging while taking photos.

Paris is a beautiful city.

LAST STOP: Louvre Museum

  • WOWZA! we have been to only one of the wings and it was HUGE! We got tired walking towards the ever famous Mona Lisa.
  • It was a small painting that was like a famous celebrity in that room and the visitors gather like photographers with their cameras & phones trying to get a good shot of the painting.
  • What I find weird is that some people are taking SELFIEs with a duck face! Seriously….

Louvre 2014

After deciding to have enough of the walking for the day, we went home, ate dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant and then packed our bags for Geneva.

Travel journal berryduchess 2014

When I was younger, I used to keep a personal journal and there were days when I would write long entries. But as I grew older it became a bullet journal. What makes it special is the magic of the written words. They would trigger all the memories. Words that can transport you to the exact place & time and you can play the scenes over & over. It’s just a wonderful way to reminisce.

Are you into journalling too? Do you consider starting a journal this 2020? Coz I do!

xoxo roma

Let me know your thoughts :)

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