Allow me to refresh your memory & tell you how it all began thru a simple timeline:


Found out that my health is in bad shape and was told that I need to make some changes.

This is my fitness story_berryduchess.jpg

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I used Youtube & searched for beginner’s workout (nothing more than 15 minutes and found Chris Powell’s workout video and this video guided me every day, 2 months (October- November) and sometimes (not everyday) I’d do 5-song Zumba dance workout. Then we’d have post-dinner walks.



In May 2017, I declared my fitness goals for the rest of the year:

  • shed extra weight & maintain a healthy body

JUNE 2017

100 Days no junk food


  • Started Pop Pilates & Yoga
  • Started trying the vegetarian diet & slowly ditching dairy.

upward dog pose


  • I reached my lowest scale register: 72.5 KG
  • I’ve officially lost almost 30 pounds


In my post – SAYING GOODBYE TO #PROJECTBERRY65, I declared that “I’m officially letting go of my #ProjectBerry65 goal simply because I’m no longer after the number on the scale.”

berryduchess 2010_2015_2017 2


  • I started my first cycle of PIIT28 by Cassey Ho aka Blogilates

MARCH 2018

  • I had my first couple of Boxing Sessions at the Elorde Gym in Manila.

October 2018: Hello, Gains but…

A lot of things happened this year (my mother passed away) and it took a toll on my physical, mental and emotional human body. I can only do & bear so much and admitting not to be strong enough was part of it.

So to sum it up, I failed to focus. Workouts were less, but I make the best in every session and eating habit is thrown off every once in a while. I try to grab every chance that I got to eat more fruits and veggies but when you’re too emotional, you can’t say no to ice cream! It’s truly a comfort food! Ice cream understands and ice cream doesn’t ask questions.


Screw the Scale_Berryduchess


At the beginning of 2019, I felt that I’ve reached my plateau and while I still enjoy Yoga & Pilates, I felt that I need to change a few things. So to kick off the new year, I did Cassey’s (Blogilates) #100ABCHALLENGE for 30 Days.

APRIL 2019

  • I finally had the guts to enrol in a gym!
  • I started adding Tabata/HIIT to my workout.

*MAY 2019:

  • I’m officially off my medication! But I’m working closely with my doctor & I need to be careful & be more active to maintain my good health status.


  • I started my Fit Plan app subscription and I did Linn Lowes’ 28 Days of Strong & Lean Program 2.1
  • I work out for 3-4 days and I practice intuitive eating.

progres_august 2019



It’s the 3rd anniversary when I was rushed to the ER and after reading everything, we can all agree that the turn of events significantly changed my life.

Berryduchess 2016

In that 2016 photo, I got no idea something’s wrong with my health. But I noticed I’m always tired despite more than 8 hours of sleep. I’m not working, so it’s not stress. My waistline’s getting bigger, but I’ve fully embraced becoming a plus-size woman. Again, I’m fine with that! I’ve fully accepted that I’m not gonna be a Size S BECAUSE I NEVER WAS! BUT! I failed to look at the status of my health and because I’ve ignored it for a long time, I received a spanking. 😂

The old me will not believe that I’m working out now because I despise sweating. I HATE MOVING. I don’t take fitness seriously and I hate eating vegetables.

But after 2 years of taking daily medications, lifestyle change & hard work, I’m finally off the meds. That’s the best news I’ve heard! But being off meds was far more challenging because I have to be more disciplined. I have to be good & more mindful with the food I eat without compromising my health & social life. I needed to be more active. 

progress 2019
A lot can change in a year or my case, in 3 years! In three years I did 
Zumba, Strength Training, Yoga, Pilates, PIIT28, HIIT, Tabata & Boxing. I’ve explored different workouts to find what I like and yes, I can officially say that my heart is with Strength Training. 😀


Nobody said it’s gonna be easy. I had fallbacks and challenges but the most important thing is we bounce back and  willing to fight our saboteur. Over the years, I learned to conquer my evils & accept my weaknesses. In that way, I helped myself understand why things were not working out. If things are not giving me the results that I’m expecting, I make changes & adjustments. Like I said, our wellness journey is unique & you don’t have to compare. Progress is progress, no matter how slow. Some changes take time & patience, just don’t give up.


In the past years, I let go of a lot of things – makeup, clothes, bags, shoes – the stuff that won’t matter unless you’re healthy. I decided to focus on my well-being because I can put a layer of makeup on, cover imperfections & paleness and look good but once removed… the tired & unhealthy me is hard to look at.

But healthy living is expensive!

They say living a healthy life is hard because it’s expensive but getting sick is more expensive. Think of it as an investment, but this time, it’s your body. I’d rather buy organic & whole foods than medicine.

This is my way of saying that nothing’s impossible. That health is more than just losing weight. Losing weight is easier but staying healthy is harder. You can stop eating, drop your carbs & bam! You lose 3 kg in 2 weeks. Dieting should not mean starving yourself. A well-balanced meal won’t leave you hungry and weak.

2016 vs 2019

No one can help you unless you help yourself, always remember that.

Stop doubting yourself & stop giving excuses. Love yourself more. I used to think that buying stuff & eating a lot is a form of self-love. I tell myself “I DESERVE THIS” but now, I learned about intuitive eating where you enjoy a little of everything. Eating well is also a form of self-love and so is exercising.

No one can help you unless you help yourself, always remember that.

I hope that this post inspired you in any way possible. 😉

xoxo roma


  1. Thank you for your kind comment. It’s better to glow from within and I’m serious that when you’re healthy, you don’t need highlighter 😁 because the glow will just come thru!!!! I want to thank you for taking your time to read and comment. My heart is fluttering.

  2. This was inspirational. I like the part where you noticed how you tend to eat and express it as self love. And that made me realized that that was what I was doing. And that with make up I was also hiding a layer, covering up my true u healthiness for something so temporary. This post now will make me think more about my health, thank yoy

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