Rusty Nailed_Cocktail series 2 by ALice Clayton book review_berryduchess

Genre: Fiction/Contemporary Romance/Humor
Publishing Date: 24 June 2014
Date Finished Reading: 08 July 2019

in a nutshell

This is the sequel to Wallbanger, so the story of Caroline & Simon continues! And honestly, I’m not ready to let them go just yet and when I found out that there’s part 2 & 3, I made sure I got my copy.

“I liked the idea of an unconventional romance.”

Rusty Nailed is like a present wrapped with a red bow for the fans of Simon & Caroline. We wanted more, the author gave us more! More sexy times and more funny moments! But on book two, our favourite couple played house, got wonderful career opportunities but later on challenged their relationship, too. Simon decided to slow down on his photography while Caroline’s career is picking up. He’s got more time while she stays late for work because her boss got married and had a mini-break from work and left everything in Caroline’s hands – house included! Too much presence and too much pressure sound like trouble! But suffice to say, Alice Clayton allowed us to be part of their journey as a couple.

Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton quote

Rusty-Nailed by Alice Clayton heart vs brain quote

Still Laugh-Out-Loud Funny and more romantic! Damn! *sigh awww…men in our fiction novellas! We love you!!

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Rusty-Nailed by Alice Clayton on cheating and heartbreak quote


For so many times this novel made me smile and laugh and swoon!  And I was laughing my head off when Caroline got mad to Simon when he was talking to their neighbour and the old lady brought up the NURSERY. Haha pressured si ate!! And this omg, this man! Nakakaloka ang perfect ni kuya eh! Like he said the right words at the right time! oh em! Dream guy, talaga!

And can I say, dammit Caroline! I wanna learn how to bake too! And got to Vietnam and have some pho!

book rating 4

favourite quote

Rusty-Nailed by Alice Clayton on wedding quote

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