BURNING MOON (Destination Love Series #1) BY JO WATSON | BOOK REVIEW

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Genre: Fiction/Contemporary Romance/Humor
Publishing Date: 02 August 2016
Date Finished Reading: 01 July 2019


Chase your dreams. Dance under the stars. Fall in love at the festival of Burning Moon.

WARNING: Being jilted at the altar in front of 500 wedding guests can lead to irrational behaviour, such as going on your honeymoon to Thailand alone.

On the way to paradise, symptoms may include getting arrested, setting yourself on fire, turning up on a ‘Missing Poster’ and going viral.

Side-effects may include desert island stranding, star gazing and jungle trekking.

Recovery will lead to partying the night away at Burning Moon festival – and falling in love with the person you least expect…

Burning Moon by Jo Watson book review being proper_berryduchess

Lilly is the girl who always has a plan. While Damien is the exact opposite – he’s the guy who wants to explore the world.

He was the ultimate free spirit that couldn’t be tamed, and that’s what made him special and unique and so, so lovable.

After the scandal that hit Lilly’s life – Oh, yah know! being left on her wedding day, in front of 500 guests, let’s just say that she lost it! I mean, who wouldn’t? They were supposed to be one of those perfect couples who will begin a new life together and live in their picket-fenced houses and have kids, etc etc etc. Yeah, it may be cliché but the heck with her fiancé! The groom didn’t even talk to her. He left a note! COWARD!

Burning Moon by Jo Watson quote on messy life_berryduchess

So after the emotional mess and embarrassment, she decided (out of the blue) to go on her own honeymoon ALONE and do some soul searching. She took that flight to Thailand because she wanted to be away from all the pity and consoling and assess what really happened. She was thinking that maybe, there’s something that she didn’t notice or maybe there’s something lacking, but whatever that is, she wanted to be alone at least for the time being. After all, it’s gonna be a spectacular hotel because her ex-fiancé knows how to splurge and got a luxurious taste.

On her flight to Thailand, there she encountered Damien who looked scruffy, with tattooed arm and wearing an all-black ensemble. Her first impression? SCARY. Defo not her type but little did she know that this man will teach her and show her what real love is.

Burning Moon by Jo Watson book quote on the perfect life_berryduchess

Burning Moon by Jo Watson book quote on being strong_berryduchess

T H O U G H T S…

This is the first book from the Destination Love series of the author and while I’ve read books 4 & 5, I say that this was an awesome read. I truly had fun meeting the characters and while Lilly’s character started as a messy, sort of, damsel in distress, she was also brave and she had to discover her strength in her own ways and thankfully, Damien made a huge impact in her life.

I’m infatuated with Damien’s contrasting character – hard on the outside, soft in the inside. How many times he made me smile and saw awwww and at 2 am, I was grinning like a fool because of this line…

Do you mind if I kiss you, Lilly?

OMFG! is he for real?! (of course, he’s not! because he’s a book character but then again!) I.AM.FUCKING.MELTING!!! My heart is melting at 2.30 AM!

Burning Moon by Jo Watson book review love quote_berryduchess

And when she decided to block him on social media and stop all the communications, my heart was heavy for Damien.


  • Dinner by the beach catastrophe
  • Magic Mike Moment

magic mike.gif

  • The Mamma Mia Musical Impromptu Act
  • and of course, the Burning Moon Festival

You know, I really hope that her books, especially this Destination Love series and a special mention to Love to Hate You gets to be picked up by, I dunno!, Netflix and maybe create a 5-part mini film! I mean, that could be fun right?! Again, wonderful job, Jo Watson!



Burning Moon by Jo Watson book life quote_berryduchess




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