Here’s Why The Bose SoundSport Free is Your Perfect Workout Partner | Quick Review

From Jays to Beats Studio2 Wireless over-ear to Bose QuietComfort 35 and now I’m on my second pair of Bose headset and it’s my perfect partner during workouts  – thanks to my husband’s influence, now I only want high-quality earphones! But seriously, once you’ve tried them, you won’t EVER look back!

Bose SoundSport Free-1Bose SoundSport Free Specs:


  • SoundSport Free wireless headphones
  • Portable charging case
  • 3 sizes of StayHear+ Sport tips
  • USB cable


  • Headphones: 3.12 cm H x 2.5 cm W x 3 cm D (9 g each)
  • Case:3.75 cm H x 10 cm W x 4.75 cm D (80 g)

Bose SoundSport Free

The Bose SoundSport Free is minimalist & very handy. I’ve been using it non-stop since day 1. It has the rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the total charging time is 2 hours. The battery life is up to 5 hours when fully charged.

Bose SoundSport Free_review

Bose SoundSport Free_berryduchess

Here are the things I love about this earphones:


For starters, I never liked in-ear buds because they would always slip out of my ear. Maybe it was my ear, maybe it was the buds that I’ve used in the past. I also tried changing the size of the bud tips but it never worked so that’s one of my major concerns when I was contemplating if I’m gonna buy these buds but I’ve researched & went for it.

Bose SoundSport Free_review berryduchess

When I tried them on, I already knew that it’s the one! Like, it’s the earphone that I’ll use for workouts. I used to have the Plantronics BackBeat Go 3, which is expensive by the way, and it was crappy. Too expensive for poor quality sounds. I bought them in 2017 because I wanted a Bluetooth headset when I walk/run outside but because of the meh quality & poor battery life, I completely forgot about it.

At some point, I also used my QC 35 II while exercising but it would slip off especially when I do cardio workouts, which is also understandable because it’s not meant to be worn when doing intense movements. Plus, the sweat is icky.

backbeat-go-3-white-with-case.pngCOMFORT & STABILITY

True to its claim, these are very comfortable and it’s one of the many things that I love with Bose earphones; They’re light & comfy. The Bose SoundSport Free won’t fall off even if you do HIIT exercises – burpees, mountain climbers, etc. Great for running & even strength training.


They are NOT WATERPROOF but they are water resistant. Meaning, you can’t use these while swimming (of course) but it can withstand sweat & rain. Just don’t soak, okay?!


I never had any problems with the volume & Bluetooth connection. In fact, I’m impressed with the wireless connectivity and I even use them for calls.


I will state the obvious here and yes, I highly recommend them to you, especially if you’re looking for earphones to use while working out. I’ve been using these boys outside while commuting, doing my errands and when working out at the gym and I got nothing bad to say about this product. I just love it.


Bose SoundSport Free is priced at 319 SGD

  • Value Club  (Challenger) members can get it for 303 SGD.

xoxo roma

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