AFTER THE RAIN (Destination Love Series Book 4) BY JO WATSON | BOOK REVIEW

After the Rain by Jo Watson Book Review_berryduchess

Genre: Fiction/Contemporary Romance/Chick Lit
Publication Date: JUN 2018
Date Finished: 03 MAY 2019

Jo Watson is OFFICIALLY one of my favourite authors! I’ve read 3 of her works and let me tell you! every. single. story left me laughing out loud and in love! Seriously! And this book is no different!

jo watson_destination Love Series


After the Rain is part of Watson’s Destination Love fictional 5-part series and while every book is almost like a stand-alone a romantic comedy story, the female leading characters are actually a group of friends and their story & characters will meet at some point.

Truth is, there’s a part of me that kinda expects that there’s gonna be that book that will be like meh! That it won’t be sustained, but I WAS WRONG! I still have 3 titles to read for the Destination Love series and I can’t wait to get hold of them!

“Whatever floats your duck!”


If Sara de la Haye (from Love to Hate You) is awkward, Stormy-Rain is worse on a different level. How? Let me count the ways!

  • she loves using idioms but around 95% of the time, she’s saying the wrong words.
  • She doesn’t like & distrust technology so she doesn’t have a smartphone and!
  • She has that holistic view of the world. She also believes that non-living things have feelings and so she names everything! For example, her typewriter – she named her  Tippy!

After the Rain by Jo Watson quote about the perfect woman

I imagine Stormy-Rain’s character as the human form/result when you combine the persona of Frankie Bergstein (Grace & Frankie series) + Phoebe Buffay + a dash of Taylor Swift (because she’ll have a song for every guy she dated) and add the rainbow-coloured hair na parang sinuka siya ng unicorn! Ganun ka-sabog! She also got this weird rule when it comes to dating – 3 weeks and she’ll break it off! no excuses! Then she met Marcus.


He’s Mr. Calculated-Risk & control freak. Well, it just makes sense because he’s a lawyer. Marcus is very neat, a proper gentleman & got high standards when it comes to dating women. For him, she should be the wife material but despite having a list of the things he’s looking for a parter, he can’t seem to find his match. Then he met Stormy and because they were the total opposites, they easily got into each other’s nerves.

He hates unnecessary touching & that’s what she exactly did! He’s tidy and Stormy is almost scruffy! Alam mo yung sa sobrang dumi ng gamit niya, nililinis mo na sila sa utak mo by just looking at them! Tipong napa-pull out ka ng wet wipes at nagpunas ka ng walang rason! 🤣

He’s analytical, she’s emotional. He’s practical while she’s idealistic.

The thing is, they’re supposed to fly together to attend Lilly & Damien’s wedding in Prague but the moment they’ve met, they acted like cats & dogs that can’t be in the same corner. They hate each other so much but later on, they realised they got this weird, sexual tension between them! Crazy! I know, right?!

Undeniable Sexual Tension? What Sexual Tension?

Okay, imagine this ha! They were mid-air & about to die but they made out instead?! Like hot, steamy, plane make out moves, people! nakakaloka! How can they even?!

But that’s just the beginning of their series of unfortunate events. Kapag tinamaan ka nga naman talaga ng kamalasan! Daig mo pa sinuswerte! It’s as if the universe was conspiring so they’ll be stuck with each other. They tried their best to get out of the situation & money was not an issue, but some things are just beyond their control & all they had to do was be patient & enjoy their moment together.

After the Rain by Jo Watson quote on falling in love to the right person

favourite moments

  • Marcus’ character is very proper, not to mention too FICTIONAL because imagine, he refused to have sex with Stormy! He’s single & unattached and just refused the chance because he thinks it’s the right thing to do. He’s like a UNICORN! Sa imahinasyon lang nag-eexist! LOL!
  • The most romantic moment for me was when Stormy was shaving Marcus’ beard and after that, she said “I’m gonna kiss you now” awwww!
  • Several times, Marcus told her she’s beautiful at itong si ate, kinilig nemen agad-agad. Kaya nabibiktima eh! Nasabihan lang maganda, hala siya! Tumalon agad sa bangin at nagpa-fall na ng tuluyan! Haru! jusko! 

After the Rain by Jo Watson quote on being a jolly and quirky person


This is a funny & very sexy book in the sense that they did the deed in the places you’ll never imagine. Talk about wild sexcapades!  This is different from the 2 books that I’ve read from this author but it’s a good kind of different. Another hit and I’m giving it 5 smooches/stars!book rating 5

After the Rain by Jo Watson Book Review_berryduchess 2

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