I did the #100ABChallenge For 30 Days & Here’s What Happened


 #100ABChallenge by Blogilates


Anywhere! You can do it in your room, at the gym, at the park! Anywhere!


Up to you on when you’ll begin your challenge. As long as you do it for 30 consecutive days.


This is my personal reason – I’ve been enjoying too much Milk Tea last January and the yummy boba/pearls are already showing on my tummy area and I can also feel it. I don’t feel light anymore. It’s the case of too much of everything. – sugar & carbs. So I decided to do this to at least push myself to move more.

SIDE NOTE: I stopped drinking milk tea for 45 days.


– One move per day concentrating on the ab area.
– Reps x 100. Modifications are very much welcome because we’re all human beings with weaknesses and we can get tired, you know!


I guess the challenge is more fun to do if you’re doing it with other people. The more the merrier, right? But here’s what I really think…

POSTURE & LEVEL OF FITNESS plays an important role here because if you do AB exercises every day. You may suffer from upper body pains (neck & shoulder area) if you don’t mind your posture. And that happened to me. I suffered a bad case of muscle spasm and bad posture was one of the reasons why my traps ached so bad.

So if you think that you can’t do the Advance version, modifications are always welcome. Hey! no judgement here! Work at your own pace. Also, you can take short breaks. Divide 100 reps into 4s (25 per set) or by 2s (50/50).

Like I mentioned, level of fitness – remember, Cassey is a fitness instructor & she’s been doing this in like, forever! She’s one strong woman and I admire that! But you have to admit, accept & come to terms with your limit. Doing this challenge will leave you sore. VERY SORE that even standing up from your bed may be painful. If that happens, try to consider rest & mild stretches. The muscles need time to rest & restore.

Lastly, after the challenge, I want to say that I didn’t grow good looking abs, people! Real talk here! Diet plays a vital role in getting abs and I didn’t do well on that part but I’m glad that my core is already feeling the improved strength and I think that’s more important.

100 Ab challenge for 30 days result

100 Ab challenge for 30 days result

100 ab challenge result3


– Cross Kick Crunch
– Toe Touches
– Roll Ups
– Criss Crosses
– Sit Ups
– Butterfly Situps
– Boat Crunches
– Reverse Crunches
– Butt Ups
– Shoulder Tap Planks


I’m starting to love AB & CORE exercises, but doing it for consecutive days?? hell, no! I’m gonna stick to my regular programming. Different parts of the body per day so the muscle groups can rest & recover.

What about you? Will you try this challenge?

xoxo roma

Let me know your thoughts :)

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