Quick Review: Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme

I’ve been using this moisturiser for more than a month now and here’s what I think.

Chanel Hydra Gel Moisturiser Review 2


This hydrating gel cream with a light, fresh, cooling texture leaves skin soft, smooth, radiant and infused with moisture.


Beautiful packaging, as always. Of course, darlin’ it’s Chanel. The beauty of simplicity, really.

Chanel Hydra Gel Moisturiser Review_Packaging 3

The gel moisturiser comes in a small square pot and the packaging includes a small spatula, which is very handy because you’re not supposed to dip your fingers on the entire pot. All for hygienic reasons.

Chanel Hydra Gel Moisturiser Review_Packaging

Chanel Hydra Gel Moisturiser Review_Packaging 2



Just like any luxury skin care product, it has that subtle, luxurious scent and that’s the signature Camellia flower scent. It’s so mild that you’ll get used to it soon as you start using it daily.


On the first night that I used the product, I noticed the difference of my skin the following morning. My face felt softer & the skin was bouncy & I love that. Obviously, the skin absorbs it well and although you can feel that it’s a bit sticky after you apply it, the stickiness will go away after a minutes.


I also used it under a sunscreen & under my makeup. The foundation/BB Cream sits beautifully on my skin.

Chanel Hydra Gel Moisturiser Berryduchess

Always check with the Store’s Beauty Specialist and talk about your skin concerns so they can recommend the right products to you.

Chanel Hydra Gel Moisturiser Review Packaging


As you all know, it’s always sunny in Singapore and did I mention humidity? Of course, I did! If you’ve been following my beauty reviews over the years, you would know that it’s one of the factors that I consider whenever I test beauty & skin care products. Can they stand the heat? Will they breakdown on my face/skin after a short walk outside? And for this moisturiser, it survived! Of course, my skin got sweaty (hello! who wouldn’t) but I didn’t feel greasy.


Thankfully, there’s none and there were no breakouts while using it.


I love this product and one of its promises is that RADIANT skin and I can assure you, it delivered results! I have the noticeable radiance that even other people can see. I’ve already consumed 80% of the gel creme as I use twice a day (morning & evening) and I’ll definitely get another one after this.

I have oily skin so I’m using the HYDRA BEAUTY GEL CRÈME. For those with dry skin, you should opt for the HYDRA BEAUTY CRÈME.

Chanel Hydra Gel Creme Review_Singapore.jpg


I bought mine from the Duty Free store at the Kuala Lumpur airport for 289 MYR (roughly 95 SGD) I’m not sure what’s the local price but I’ll check it out later. If you’re buying luxury makeup/skincare items, it’s always best to get it from Duty Free stores!

*UPDATE as of April 2019:

Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme is priced at 120 SGD at local Chanel stores

xoxo roma


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