30 day self care challenge by berryduchess_2019

I keep mentioning self-care in the past months thru my channels because I believe that developing self-care habits is vital in everyone’s life, regardless of your job. We need to spend some me-time in order to bring serenity in our busy lives. I will use myself as an example – I don’t have an 8-5 job but my schedule is occupied with house chores & I too, got deadlines for each chore.  In my case, cleaning, cooking & taking care of clothes are just some of the never-ending chores that I do and there are times when I feel exhausted & tired too. And at this age, I can honestly say that I believe in the saying “YOU CANNOT POUR FROM AN EMPTY CUP.” 

30 day self care challenge by berryduchess

I started practising self-care last year because of our stressful family situation (my mom’s last few months with us until her passing) that we had and even after everything, I still practice them & slowly, it became a habit. To date, these simple activities keep me sane and calm. And today, I decided to share some of them so you can start doing it too.

Let me just say that self-care is not just going to the mall & spending money or buying a lot of things for yourself. Self-care is deeper than that. It aims to cleanse the mind, body & soul. In fact, self-care can be really inexpensive, how? Check out the list below. 🙂

Day 1 – Turn off all notifications from your social media.

30 day self care challenge by berryduchess 2 - Turn off all notifications from your social media.

Day 2: Exercise for 30 minutes.

Instead of endless browsing, put down your phone & stretch. Do yoga or run for 30 minutes and release those endorphins!

Day 3: Declutter your digital files & I promise it’s gonna take a day! Or maybe even more.

November 2018 TBR List

Day 4: Read a book.

Pick up that book that you’ve been meaning to read. Here’s a tip: that you can do to finish a book – Read 20 pages a day. I usually start reading while having my morning coffee & if I have free time in the afternoon, I read another 20. This way, I consume books faster unless the story is a real meh!

Day 5: Declutter your room.

Marie Kondo the sh*t out of your stuff. Remove the things that don’t spark joy.  Truth is, the process can be tedious but at the same time relaxing in a sense. You’ll see a lot of things that’ll bring back memories & you can’t help but reminisce a lot of memories.

30 day self care challenge by berryduchess_4


Decluttering is not something you do in one sitting. It’ll take time and effort and a lot of self-convincing that you have to let go of stuff. So try to attack the situation with a strategy. Declutter one space at a time. For example, start with your makeup & skincare collection this week. Oh, for heaven’s sake! throw that lipstick that you bought 3 years ago! And if you’re telling me “Oh, Roma! I don’t have the time! I’m so busy!” Well, gurl… kung nakakapagkilay ka, nakakapag-cat eye na liner & lipstick, you can! Stop saying you don’t have time.

Want additional inspiration? Watch Marie Kondo’s series on Netflix while decluttering. 😀 Tignan ko lang kung di ka mainspire! Wala kang Netflix? Try Youtube! 😀 ‘Kala mo ha! 

Day 6: Eat a healthy meal.

Try to free yourself from highly-processed food for a day and see how you feel. Skip the milk tea and pick up an apple instead. 🙂 You can also cook at home. Steam some fish & veggies & a cup of rice. Solb!

30 day self care challenge by berryduchess 5

Day 7: No phone after 9 pm.

Day 8: Sleep for 8 hours.


Day 9: Go for a walk or jog around your neighbourhood.

This can be a post-dinner activity or the first thing that you do in the morning before coffee.

Day 10: UNFOLLOW and or MUTE people from your social media.

Day 11: Don’t complain for one day.

Look on the bright side and see the positive side of the situation.

Day 12: Clean your bathroom.

clean the bathroom

Day 13: List your Christmas wish list for this year.

It’s never too early for this!

Day 14: Treat yourself with a massage/facial.

After weeks of work or exercising, this is truly one of the best rewards for your tired body.


Day 15: Have a gadget-free Coffee Date.

Go to a coffee shop with your special someone or friends and talk. Don’t use phones. No phones allowed for at least 3/4 of your stay.

Day 16: Sing!

If you can play an instrument, play it & sing. Oh! you can also try singing in a karaoke!

Day 17: Treat yourself.

This is the tricky part. Get yourself something worth $10 (more or less 400 PHP ) and nothing more. It can be a food, drink or accessories, as long as you stick with your budget. 😀

Day 18: Binge-watch your favourite movies/series.

Or! watch 3 episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Netflix & chill.jpg

Day 19: Dance it out!

Dance on your favourite song in your pyjamas, underwear or even when in the shower (but be careful tho!)

Dance it Out

Day 20: Be unproductive for a day.

Literally, do nothing, but try to have less social media. Being unproductive for one whole day may give you an odd feeling but it gets better in time. It also doesn’t mean you’re lazy. You are just giving yourself the time to rest and relax.

Day 21: Take a long bath.

Take the opportunity to multi-mask, exfoliate & moisturise. Enjoy the time to slowly lather the lotion and then massage them on your skin. Super relaxing!

long bath.jpg

Day 22: Take an afternoon nap.

Day 23: Cook from scratch.

Give the food app a break & don’t rely on your favourite fast-food chain. Today, try cooking for yourself. Pick up the knife & get the ingredients from your fridge and come up with something. Adobo is always a good idea.

Day 24: Be present.

Visit a place and just enjoy the experience – Just enjoy & try to stop yourself from posting on social media. You don’t have to post it just to prove that you’ve been there & you had a great time. Be in the moment. Be present. Plus, you can always post it later.

be present

Day 25: Light some scented candles or oil and play some relaxing music.

Day 26: Delete the unnecessary/duplicate photos in your phone & get rid of the unused apps.

digital detox

Day 27: Try to meditating.

Inhale & exhale alternately & observe your breathing. Do it for at least 5 mins and see how you feel after.

Day 28: Create a vision board/ bucket list.

List out the things that you want to accomplish in the next 3-5 years & post it in your closet door or put it in a place where you can always see them.

Day 29: Date yourself.

Watch a movie & eat alone.

Day 30: Visit a park.

Take your time to sit down, observe people, maybe read a book? You can also bring a sandwich & drink, you know? just like how they do it in movies.

These are just some of the simple things that you can do for yourself and always remember: Self- care is not being selfish. It’s necessary. Truth is, there’s more to life than spending time scrolling on those social media apps. Yes, they are fun but we should not forget the balance between online & real life.

30 Day Self-Care Challenge_list by berryduchess

xoxo roma


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