Janey is a normal, happy woman with a little flab that can’t be solved by being more active but then her life got screwed up when her partner told her she needs to lose weight because she’s becoming a disgrace to the company she half-owned.

If you loved When Life Gives You Lululemons or the Shoppaholic series, then you should add this in your To-Read List.

Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza_Book Review_Berryduchess

Genre: Fiction / Contemporary Romance / Chick Lit / Humor | Published Date: 11 Jul 2017 | Date Finished: 23 Jan 2019


Janey Sweet and Beau Matthews go way back. The two met in school. Her family is basically one of the richest in their town while Beau got no one. They became the best of friends and he was welcomed as an extended family member of the Sweets. Beau is an artist by nature & growing up in a conservative community, everyone thought they’d end up together, even the anticipation to actually be married. But Beau prefers a different menu if you know what I mean… Despite being gay, Janey loved him & continued supporting him & his talent, even his crazy ideas.

"Beau was the kind of person who said things out loud that other people would only think to themselves."

Beau conquered the bridal fashion world while Janey dominated the corporate world of Sweets chocolate factory. They separated for a while until Beau reached out for Janey because he needed help. He was in a bad place & he will lose his business any time soon. Janey helped, but on the condition that she’ll get 49% of the company. Together, they founded “B” – a bridal shop for the elite & skinny. They don’t serve clients who are size 6 & up, no matter how rich you are.

"It's obvious that Beau loved Janey's money & status and not Janey."

After 10 years of fruitful partnership, the INCIDENT happened…

Janey was photographed at the front row of a bridal fashion show while eating a BRUFFIN (a hybrid of brioche & muffin) and suddenly her photos were all over Instagram, gaining nasty comments from people, OF COURSE! The netizens were talking about her double chins & her unposed “caught in the act, eating a bruffin” moment. People online are calling her EFF as in FAT.

Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes on double chin and gaining a little weight quote

Suddenly, there was a different air coming from Beau. He told her straight up that she needed to lose 30 lbs and it was stipulated in their contract, to which Janey thought it was just an inside joke between good friends, but oh boy! he is serious.

"You're out until you drop 30!"

The pissed and shamefaced Janey also noticed the small changes in her body but she didn’t put so much deal on it because, for her, it doesn’t really matter. But when it came from Beau’s mouth that she’s fat, Janey can’t ignore it anymore.

Then Janey being Janey, she took a leave of absence & attacked the situation at hand. She’s such a goal-getter & this should be a piece of cake, but it was harder than she thought & got surprised on the different stuff that one can try if you want to lose weight.

Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes on strong women quote

I loved how the authors featured the fitness and diet fads available in the market today. And to be honest, some really surprised me! Like, no kidding?! PEOPLE EAT MUD??! Ayaw nila ng gulay, pero okay lang sa kanila ang kumain ng pinagtaniman nung gulay?! Ay, caramba!

Here are some of the fads & trends worth mentioning:

1. H2BROC – water & broccoli served ONLY in a 1957 Mason jar.

2. The Clay Diet – I kid you not! I’m googling while reading to double check the diets mentioned in this book and O.M.G! Clay Diet! Are you effin’ kidding me?! CLAY! as in clay, people!!!!!! Edible clay?!

My goodness, ‘tong mga mayayaman na’to! kakain lang ng putik, nagbabayad pa ng mahal!

3. Spinoga = Spin Class + Yoga

4. Workout based on your DNA. – “full blood analysis & genetic testing to figure out the most effective type of workout for their bodies.”

5. The Rage Class – any class where the instructor insults the shit out of you & threats your whole being; This is a BIG NO for me. I don’t like this.

6. The Colour Diet – when you eat only one colour like all white.

7. The Butter Diet

8. The Military Workout – or almost similar to Cross Fit

And I didn’t know na pati pala gulay, may PR person. Amazing!

9. Fitness & Health Bloggers & Influencers

10. Morning Rave Parties

In the book, Jeny found this thing called The Workout – It’s a by-invite class of the chosen elites. At one point, she was invited to this exclusive retreat that promised “8 days of fitness, spiritual guidance, ayurdevic cooking in the most beautiful setting in the world”  and the cost – 15,000 USD. Then, ang ending after a day of full workout, you will be served a “herbal” tea & edible clay!?!


I picked up this title because of the background story – diet & fitness. I got curious and wanted to find out what kind of story awaits for me and luckily, I liked the book mainly because the characters were reflections of the people (myself included, at some point in my life) and the truth is, we all just want to be pretty & loved.

Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes on women and weight quote

Body Shaming & Unrealistic Expectations from Women

I appreciate how the authors touched & highlighted on body-related topics in this book such as body shaming and unrealistic expectation on women’s body

While reading the first few chapters, I thought that Beau’s idea was harsh, but maybe it’s also his way of helping a friend to get back on her feet. After all, she just came out from a divorce, but 30 pounds in 3 months?! WHOA! ‘Maryosep! E ako nga, one year ko binuno just to get rid of my 30 lbs!So unrealistic, besh. 

I love Chakori Jeevika aka CJ – Janey’s BFF. I call the varsity level dieter because she would normally do 2 diets at the same time. She’s funny & siya yung best friend mong sabay kayo sa kalokohan at game na game to try anything & everything, because that’s how you roll, as long as mamayat kayo! Kahit mapilay, basta sa ikapapayat niyo, tuloy ang laban!

Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes on user friends quote

Ivy, Janey’s always angry ballerina cousin, on the other hand, is some character. I feel sorry for her because like I said, she’s always angry and I think it’s also because she’s living a sad life and for some reason, she always finds a way to blame Janey & her rich life as if it’s her fault she was born with the golden spoon. There was a point in the story that she played a spy to snoop & find out the secrets of THE WORKOUT. She did it because of the handsome check waiting for her in exchange of details.

And of course, Beau…

Beau is a piece of sh*t. A lying bastard! He’s not a friend, he’s a user. WOW, galit na galit ako haha! I just hate liars and users, that’s why. He’s the type of person that one should forget. He’s the type who will look and give you their time if they know they can get something from you.  He’s a leech.

Can you imagine that he even made up a story and told the entire office that Janey fell in love with a Swedish furniture designer & spreading the news that she’s thinking of settling to Stockholm. Ano? IKEA ba’ to? 

Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes on social media and reality quote

Beau’s character proved that money can ruin relationships & what’s worse was his betrayal of their friendship when he tried selling the company behind her back and that’s why he had to come up with a web of lies & pushed her to go on leave.

Price of Fitness

Fitness Junkie by iucy Sykes on fitness quote

And I agree with Ivy that fitness shouldn’t be expensive & exclusive. Lifestyle change must be sustainable. There are no quick solutions. Plus! One should aim for healthy and not skinny! We are not created equal and one body is different from another. Fitness comes in different looks & shapes. Just because one has a bigger frame doesn’t mean he/she is not healthy & vice versa.

It may sound ridiculous but this book made me realise how rich people can obsess on a lot of stuff just to lose weight. ‘Di ba? They can afford and have access to food but they refuse to eat them. While the poor people, masaya na ang makakain ng maayos na meal, 3 beses sa isang araw. Ang tao nga naman! ang komplikado kung minsan.


Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes on self love and self worth

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you should give this a read! I am giving this 4 out of 5 stars.

Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza_Book Review_Berryduchess2.jpg

About the Author

Lucy Sykes has worked in the fashion world as a stylist, fashion editor, and fashion director. For six years Lucy was the fashion director at Marie Claire magazine, and was most recently fashion director for Rent the Runway. Her own children’s clothing line, Lucy Sykes New York, was sold in more than a hundred department stores worldwide, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, and Nordstrom. Together with her twin sister Plum, Lucy moved from London to New York City in 1997, where she now lives with her husband and two children.

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