6 Things That I Want To Do Differently This 2019

Happy 2019!!! Been MIA because we just got back from the holidays and it’s been wonderful! I wasn’t entirely away from social media, but I was less visible. We just enjoyed our time catching up with families and friends, so in the coming days, I’m gonna share the photos and stories here.

For now, I just want to share my goals for this year and who knows? Maybe you can add some of them in your own list! 🙂

goals 2019

1. Give less f*ck.

This is one of the most cliché items on my list and even if I keep saying that I won’t give a f*ck anymore, I always end up getting affected by other people’s actions & decisions. Paulit-ulit, paulit-ulit. Tho’ I’ve significantly improved over the years, I’m still sensitive and emotional on this matter. Paano maging halaman so I won’t be affected?😂 But seriously, it’s time to cut some ties and leave dysfunctional relationships. It’s part of self-care.

It’s time to leave toxic people and messy situations.

It’s time to listen to myself and care less on what other people might say.

It’s time to give love & attention to those who matter and to those people who love you.

Tama na plastikan. #ayokongplastik

2. Unplug more often.

social media break

I’ve been discussing this over the years here in my blog but I’m aware of my own soc-med addiction. It’s also one of the reasons why I got back to reading. I wanted less time online but it’s been a challenge, really. The less you engage, the more you lose followers (esp on Instagram) so I’ve given up the dream of being an influencer years ago! haha! I used to do this once a year, but this time I plan to do it once or twice a week. and if once a week is possible, that’s better. I still believe that the quality of your content is king.

3. Be a morning person.

OMG. Effort talaga ‘to on my part, besh! My family & friends know that I’m such a night owl and I wanted to give this a try because I know and appreciate the perks of waking up early! You get more things done, etc..etc… so okay, let’s give this a try. A TRY… ok??

morning person

4. Read more.

2018 was a lovely year of reading but I want to explore more books & genres this 2019. I want to read more works from different authors. 😀

read more

5. Move more & eat well.

I want to deepen my yoga practice this year and potentially have a gym membership. I will also do my best to eat better and do meal preps more often. 🙂

and lastly,

6. Spend on experience than material things.

6. Invest on my cooking ware

2018 was a tough year for me and we lost 2 members of the family in less than 2 months. So much tears, lost and grief to a point na nakatunganga ka na lang at nakatingin sa kawalan. And bago pa man nahighlight ni sissy Catriona Gray (sissy talaga?!) ang salitang SILVER LINING, I can really say na matagal ko na yang inaapply sa buhay namin because that’s the best that you can do when you’re in the middle of a tough or messy situation — you look on the bright side & hope for a better day ahead. And then you pray for strength so you can handle things & make the most sensible decisions.

6 things that i want to do differently this 2019_berryduchess

Pero kahit ano man mangyari, never forget that there’s always something to be thankful for. ALWAYS. Just have faith & He will not forsake you. He will send troops in the form of families & friends and while they may not make it easier, but at least, it’s bearable. So here I am, posting my first selfie this year dahil walang makakapigil sakin 😂 & I am truly hopeful for a better 2019. 🙏🏻


xoxo roma

Let me know your thoughts :)

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