Love to Hate You by Jo Watson_Book Review_Berryduchess cover

Genre: Fiction/Contemporary Romance/Chick Lit
Publication Date: May 2018
Date Finished: 11 Nov 2018

Sera is usually a good girl. (Except for one wild night in the backseat of a stranger’s car!) But what happens when that bad boy turns out to be her new boss? And what happens when he wants more than one night…and he can be very persuasive…

Love to Hate You - Jo Watson_Book Review


Sera, Sera, Sera…OMG, gurl! The first chapter pa lang, jusko! I was laughing hysterically and I already knew that I’m gonna consume this quick because I’ll be damned if I don’t. Sino ba ang gustong nabibitin?? Wala di’ba? I mean, if I were to briefly describe the story, it’s the funny & more kilig version of Fifty Shades of Grey sans the BDSM and with better writing, of course.

Sera De La Haye is your typical female character; strong-headed, self-made & hardworking and she has a problematic family (who doesn’t? but hers is more complicated) Her father is a chronic gambler, alcoholic and brings nothing but trouble to the family. With a mother who’s too weak to handle all the family drama and at the verge of breaking down, Sera stood up for her family and she’s determined to send her sister to med school & have a good future. Sera’s an intern in an Advertising firm and she’s fighting her way to grab the permanent position.

Love to Hate You by Jo Watson_quote

She also lives with JJ and Bruce, her two fabulous queen “dads” who took her in and treated her as their own after they met her (long story, read the book!) JJ and Bruce owns a restaurant/pub and whenever her schedule allows it, Sera works as a waitress and of course, it’s an additional income for her.

Then on one night, they went out for some fun night and she encountered this gorgeous human being and they had an irresistible connection of some sort that led to a very steamy quickie at the backseat of his car. And this is where all the fun & nakakangawit ng pangang kilig began! Turns out, the same guy na tinakbuhan niya the night before is her new boss. His name is Ben White and their first formal meetup was so epically embarrassing that you would wish for the ground to swallow her whole. LOL!

Love to Hate You by Jo Watson_quote3

Sera is a true example of pabebe ng taon but she’s got valid reason tho’. Don’t get me wrong, her character is not a damsel in distress. Like I said earlier, she’s strong-headed, it’s just that Ben’s charm is THAT disarming! Alam mo yung sure ka naman what to do pero sa sobrang kilig niya nawawala siya sa sarili niya. She also wins the crown for “Bb. Marupok 2018″ because she would always say she don’t wanna do anything with Ben, lagi naman siyang napapapayag. Alam mo yung friend mo na laging nagsasabi na “ayoko na!!! ayoko na talaga!!” pero isang yaya mo lang, sasama rin pala haha! kalurks!

When you meet a gorgeous guy with oozing sex appeal, good career and great in bed and he keeps asking you for a date, JUST. ONE. DATE. aayaw ka ba??? YUNG TATAA?!? SAGOT!?!


ang lalaking may ngiti na nakakapagpaluwag ng underwear ng mga babae at may ngiting nakakawala ng ulirat! haha! He reminds me of Papa P’s (Piolo Pascual) flirty smile, Oh Mi Gad! Walang sinabi si Mr. Suave sa kanya! We’re like… I’m sorry, Mr. Suave who? May mga galawang makamandag, lethal moves as they call it and he surely knows how to make a girl fall for him. Tapos he bakes pa! Wala na! Finish na! Uwian na kasi may nanalo na! haha! But then our author decided na he’s not perfect. Yes, he’s also flawed and it was one of the surprising parts of the story. Napa-OMG ako, besh!

Love to Hate You by Jo Watson_quote2

But wait, there’s more! The potential love triangle was worth the mention. Sera, ikaw na gurl! Haba ng hair! Maria Makiling, ikaw ba yan?! Ganda ka? haha! yes!!!, gandara!

* * *

At first, there was a creepy vibe from Ben but later on, it was explained why he acted that way at mapapa-awwww ka rin naman. As for the rest of the characters in the story, I love how they were written & laid out to support & highlight Sera & Ben’s story. When JJ & Bruce knocked off Sera’s senses when she was facing a personal situation, I liked that. They were her biggest cheerleaders & supporters but they’re also older and they knocked some sense into her. Watson successfully turned the simple scenes to kilig moments without being awfully cheesy. But in the end, sumakit pa rin yung panga ko because I was smiling all the way!

Love to Hate You - Jo Watson_Book Review


“Umuwi ng may panty” (Go home with your underwear)
  • If you’re expecting a night of action and you’re brave enough, skip the underwear. Now, if you wore one, at sa di inaasahang pagkakataon, you had a hot & heavy evening with someone, be sure to bring your underwear home with you. Capisce?

Beware of the famous “OMG, You’re so hot/beautiful” line

  • This is one of the famous lines from guys at the club and to be fair, most of the time effective pick-up line yan lalo na pag gwapo rin si guy at the next thing you know, eto tayo, ibibigay agad ang basket ng balut kay kuya!! Kasama puhunan at chicharon! Yan tayo eh! Huwag ganun! Isip-isip muna, okay?

Overall, I truly enjoyed this book and Jo Watson made me wanna buy all her books! Actually, I’ll buy her other books soon. I love her writing style, the wit & humour and YES on the chapter titles! The last few pages of the book revealed that some of the parts in this novel were inspired by their love story. So maybe, somewhere in the world, wonderful love stories unfold in unconventional ways. Some are more romantic and some are more simple. 😉

Love to Hate You - Jo Watson_Book Review


JO WATSON is an award-winning writer of romantic comedies. Collector of colorful, kitsch things that usually sparkle. Adidas addict, Depeche Mode devotee and proud Wattpad writer!

Jo loves telling stories and above everything, considers herself a storyteller- no matter what the medium. After graduating with an honors degree in theater, she has worked in numerous creative fields. She’s mainly worked as a TV script writer and storyliner, she has written, directed and produced theater, adverts and film and has worked as a copywriter. She didn’t intend on becoming an author and “accidentally” wrote her first book, Burning Moon, two years ago. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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