Screw the Scale!

I think MOST women can relate to me when I say that for us (in general) the lower the scale number, the better because that’s what how we see it growing up. In the past,  would randomly check the scale (at least 2x/week on Mon & Fri) and feel bad whenever my scale register goes up a bit or if my number was not moving for days.

screw the scale.jpg

My initial reaction was to check myself in front of the mirror and ask:



And worse, I can’t keep it off of my mind because I know I was eating right, working out, make sure I get enough rest and rest days & I was like What else do you need, body?! KULANG PA BA, HA??? 😂

Then came the birth of #ProjectTonedBerry that I started last January and my focus for the whole year is to transform and become the strongest version of myself. Of course, the journey wasn’t easy. A lot of things happened this year and it took a toll on my physical, mental and emotional human body. I can only do & bear so much and admitting not to be strong enough was part of it.

A lot of things happened this year and it took a toll on my physical, mental and emotional human body. I can only do & bear so much and admitting not to be strong enough was part of it.

So to sum it up, I failed to focus. Workouts were less, but I make the best in every session and eating habit is thrown off every once in a while. I try to grab every chance that I got to eat more fruits and veggies but when you’re too emotional, you can’t say no to ice cream! It’s truly a comfort food! Ice cream understands and ice cream doesn’t ask questions.

“After months of not stepping on a scale, I tried to check my weight again and what do you know, my weight went up. And at first, I wasn’t happy.”

Screw the Scale_Berryduchess

I started at 86 kilos in 2016 and last year, my lowest scale register was at 72.3 KG. When my weight started going up again, I honestly became a bit worried & tried to sweat out everything. But no matter what I do, my weight seems to be increasing. But then my clothes are tight on the right places & a bit loose in some areas. Then, I took these photos & pulled out pictures from last year when I was on the same weight. And VOILA!

ProjectTonedBerry Update_Screw the Scale_Berryduchess

These photos are a good reminder of the very purpose of my #ProjectTonedBerry see post here. I’ll be a hypocrite if I say that I’m not affected by the numbers on the scale. Of course, I am! but not as bad as it used to be.

I had to remind myself again…

…that while body weight matters so as my body composition (water, muscle, fats etc).

…that this journey is about my overall health & fitness than the numbers on my scale.

And it’s time to remind myself again that it’s okay to cut myself some slack, be easy on myself and give me some hug, care and understanding. I’ve been through a lot over the past months and it’s okay to go slow and what’s important is that I’m finally getting back to my routine and finding my rhythm.


ProjectTonedBerry Update_Screw the Scale_Berryduchess 3

Ladies, I know that at times, stepping on the scale can really screw your mood but the numbers can mean a lot of things:

  • Water Retention
  • sore muscles or Muscles Gained
  • A big dump 💩💩💩 to name a few

Hello, 🍑🍑 gains


So yes, this is the part where I say, SCREW THE SCALE! and yey for proper nutrition & good workouts. And we should never forget that It’s always better to be HEALTHY. 

Let the scale be our guide; A tool to use, but not a STANDARD.

If you’re on the same journey, whether you’re just starting, in the middle or just maintaining, don’t be afraid to fail and let go from time to time. What’s important is that you recognised that you made mistakes and you’re committed to having a healthier life. I’m happy to receive your messages saying that I inspire you (my readers/followers) but I want to let you know thru this post that the process is NEVER PERFECT.

ProjectTonedBerry Update_Screw the Scale_Berryduchess 2

Social media posts may always be inspiring and uplifting but that’s not the entire truth. It’s just a fraction of the whole picture. They are chosen & edited content that we post from time to time. So just commit, be consistent and the most important of all, accept everything about you. Self-love is a real thing, you know! It’s more than makeup and buying things for yourself. Self-love leads to self-care. And we all need that. All of us. 😉

xoxo roma

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