In Paris With You by Clementine Beauvais_Review_Berryduchess cover

Genre: Fiction / Romance/ Poetry 
Published Date: Jun 2018
Date Finished: 14 Oct 2018

Eugene and Tatiana could have fallen in love. If things had gone differently. If they had tried to really know each other. If it had just been them, and not the others. But that was years ago and time has found them far apart, leading separate lives.

Until they meet once more in Paris.

What really happened back then? And now? Could they ever be together after everything?

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Olga & Tatiana are sisters and one summer day, Lensky (Olga’s boyfriend) brought his best friend, Eugene, to meet the girls. Eugene is your typical boy-next-door; he comes from a good family with good looks and charming presence.

Tatiana, on the other hand, is a young, hopeless romantic who had a huge crush on Eugene. She loves reading and got some very creative imagination. Then one day, she sent an email to Eugene and professed her love to our boy.

Ten years later, they saw each other again at the Metro and the old flame sparked again. The unintentional meet-up gave them another chance but this time, it’s Eugene’s turn to hope and wait for Tatiana. Unfortunately, her life is already planned out as she’s set to go to San Francisco and stay there for the next 2 years. The ball is now in her court… will she leave and pursue her dreams and everything that she worked for? Or will she choose to stay in France and give this love another chance? Hmmm… I don’t know about you, but if you want to know what happens, then pick this up and be drunk with the sweetness of each prose. :)\

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In Paris With You by Clementine Beauvais_Book Review_Berryduchess

This book possesses a different charm – a poetic, romantic kind of charm.

It brings me back to a lot of memories when you’re young and you got a crush on the new boy and you dream about hanging out with him, talking and the innocent flirting.

Back then when you daydream about his innocent smile and how he touches his hair when he’s shy about something or when you’re excited seeing him every afternoon because you know it’s another chance to talk about a lot of stuff;

In Paris With You by Clementine Beauvais_Book Review_Berryduchess

You dream of being liked back and writing each other letters that you will keep for a long time.

It took me a while to finish but it’s what I would reach out before sleeping or when I feel like reading a chapter in the afternoon. It keeps you smiling, it gives you that romantic feeling, but not too excited that you want to devour the entire book in one sitting. It’s like having an eclair!

Kinikilig ako when he professed his love to her and that he’s willing to sacrifice things just to be with her. ‘Kala mo naman sa akin nagpropose eh, no?

But the ending…

Oh, the ending! 😶


In Paris With You_Quote on love

In Paris With You by Clementine Beauvais_Review_Berryduchess cover

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