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Genre: Fiction/Contemporary Romance/Chick Lit 
Published Date: Sept 2018
Date Finished: 06 Oct 2018


Annie Higgins has given up on love: she’s too busy trying to get her tiny business off the ground. Infuriated by the advertising agency across the hall making fun of her job, Annie accepts their crazy challenge – to make a random stranger Instagram-famous in just thirty days.

And even when they choose Dr Samuel Page PhD, historian and hater of social media, as her target, Annie’s determined to win the bet – whether Sam likes it or not. But getting to know Sam means getting to know more about herself. And before the thirty days are out, Annie has to make a decision about what’s really important…

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Annie Higgins is a brokenhearted, workaholic & a competitive chick. She and Miranda are business partners & BFFs and they own Content London – a social media expertise company. It’s basically a new company, with a promising future in their chosen industry but, they’re still waiting for the ROI to come. Struggling is not the word, more of THRIVING.

One day, Annie made a bet with Charlie (one of the building owners of their office space) that she can make anyone Insta-famous (and verified) in a month – 20,000 followers in 30 days.

Prize at Stake: 1-month rent + Pizza

One in A Million - Lindsey Kelk Book Review 3

The Victim: Dr. Samuel Page

A professor who has hay fever; hates social media & loves running to Britney Spears' music.


AGE: 35 years 5 years old but dresses like a granddad from the late 70s till mid-80s.

PROFESSION: Historian who looks like the “missing link from the Hemsworth brothers”


  • 2 PhDs
  • A professor
  • Self-publishing author (with 47 books sold)


  • Dancing (salsa)
  • Running

Sam just broke up with his long-time girlfriend but he wanted to win her back. So when Annie approached and came clean with the bet & the plans of making him famous, she added that she can help him win the ex-girlfriend back by enrolling him to the Annie Higgins Boyfriend Bootcamp.

One in A Million - Lindsey Kelk Book_Quote

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  • The Grand Gesture with the Ex-Girlfriend.
  • All the moments where Brian is in! He’s so funny! What an unforgettable character!


I was excited about this book but it’s unfortunate to say that it failed to connect to me as an audience. I’ve read & enjoyed books with cliché storylines in the past but this one didn’t meet the things that I’m looking for a contemporary romance. I felt that overall, the book was trying to get there but it lacks that OOMPH!

I felt that overall, the book was trying to get there but it lacks that OOMPH!  

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I was bored on the first few chapters until things finally picked up on Chapters 5 & 6, then down again. I was midway and got me thinking what’s gonna happen next because the story development between the 2 leads is barely unfolding. There were funny moments and lines from the characters but a lot of times, I lost connection with Annie.

Lack of Romantic Excitement

The exchange of witty banter between them in the car wasn’t flirty enough. The moment at the party, that’s nice. But nice is never good, right? Nakulangan ako sa pagsustain ng momentum. The kilig wasn’t sustained and so the build-up of the romantic excitement didn’t get to what/where it’s supposed to be.

Also, I found that there were not enough moments for the 2 characters that convinced me that, okay, they might actually fall for each other!

Letter to Annie

Then at that moment when Annie finally read the letter and they were face-to-face and about to have a moment, something happened and Sam left. I was like, WTF?! Really?! I felt frustrated but not in a good way. It’s more of annoyance…  😤 Parang, ano ba yan! Eto na yun eh! Tapos biglang, ay hindi pala! 

It’s a shame that I didn’t feel the romance while reading this book, sorry guys. Didn’t work out for me.

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