Sunday Riley Space Race Kit

It’s normal to have great expectations from products with wonderful reviews. Imagine your excitement while adding them on your shopping cart, paying and waiting for the magical box to be delivered to your doorstep. Then comes the unboxing. Feels like another Christmas morning! I always love that feeling! But that’s just the introduction. the hi-hello with your newly purchased goodies. The moment of truth shall be revealed soon! When you finally tried & use the products. The smell, the feel and most importantly, the overall effect! How exciting!

So yes, this part is supposed to come later, but I’m gonna spill out the beans. This is my very first set of Sunday Riley products and sadly, IT DID NOT WORK.  Worse, it caused more problems on my skin. Scroll down to read more.


No doubt about this one, Sunday Riley nailed the presentation. The Space Race Kit comes in a box and when you open it, the 3 products are carefully & beautifully placed.

Sunday Riley Space Race Kit_Skin Care_Packaging_ Review_Berryduchess

Sunday Riley Space Race Kit_Skin Care_Review_Berryduchess

MARTIAN – Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner

Hate the smell, love the feeling on my skin. It gives a cooling effect on my face without the sticky feel. It has an almost milky consistency which is different from your usual toner.

Sunday Riley Space Race Kit_Skin Care_MARTIAN Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner_Review_Berryduchess

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Sunday Riley Space Race Kit_Skin Care_MARTIAN Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner_Review_Berryduchess3

U.F.O – Ultra Clarifying Face Oil

Out of all the facial oils that I’ve tried to date, this has the worse smell and got a very oily feel. It has good ingredients, tho! It’s a combination of Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil and Black Cumin Seed Oil and a promise to clear the skin, unclog the pores and dries the pimples quickly.

Sunday Riley Space Race Kit_UFO_Skin Care_UFO_Ultra Clarifying Face Oil_Review_Berryduchess

Sunday Riley Space Race Kit_UFO_Skin Care_UFO_Ultra Clarifying Face Oil_Review_Berryduchess

Sunday Riley Space Race Kit_UFO_Skin Care_UFO_Ultra Clarifying Face Oil_Review_Berryduchess

SATURN – Sulfur Acne Mask

This mask is a combination of Sulfur, (to help clear up existing acne) Niacinamide (for clear skin) and Tea Tree & Manuka Oil for better complexion and smoother skin. Aside from using it as a mask, you can also have it as for spot treatment, just like the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. Great skin benefits, but your face will smell like a bit of a burning rubber, really.

Sunday Riley Space Race Kit_Skin Care_Saturn Sulfur Acne Mask_Review_Berryduchess

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I bought my kit last May and did my test run for a week. I’ve been meaning to post this review but things got tangled up and so on and so forth. Then this week, I decided to discard my beauty stash and saw these, which reminded me that I need to post the review ASAP. Okay, enough of the backstory! Here’s my piece.


The month before I tried the kit, I was doing my Korean Skin Care routine (will discuss it soon) which worked but after my travel back and forth, acnes were popping on my chin. So when I read that the Space Race Kit is supposed to help you fight acne, oily skin and minimise the pores – it was like the perfect product for my skin! I told myself, I had to try it! and I did.

Unfortunately, it did not work on me and to top it off, my skin got worse! Day 3 of using the kit, I had pimples on the unusual spots of my face – bridge of the nose, side temples, etc. So I still pushed it up to day 5 and when I noticed that I’m getting more tiny breakouts, I dropped everything! Moisturiser included! I’m so scared when such things happen, I don’t want to experience the same thing that happened to me in 2016.

Click photo to see post:

How Mario Badescu Saved My Skin

The following day, I just used water to wash my face. and gave my skin some break before slowly treating them again and yes, I went back to my Ordinary Skin Care Routine.


If you noticed, I keep saying that I hate the smell of the products, because I swear! It stinks! I can tolerate product smells but these are my exceptions. Even my husband was complaining because when he was about to kiss me goodnight, he approached my face and instead of kissing, he smelled me. With a confused look, he asked me what did I put on my face this time (with his ridiculing tone) so, ladies! let me warn you, the smell of these products is not sexy. No hint of sexiness at all! hehe… more like a mix of the juice from crushed leaves and morning saliva.

This is a huge NO for me.

Just like any other reviews, this is my experience with the product. It’s unfortunate that they didn’t work on me and yes, I felt that it was a waste of money. It cost me 65 USD for the entire kit and now, they’re on the way to my trash bin.

xoxo roma

Let me know your thoughts :)

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