What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim | Review

I just finished watching Park Seo-joon’s (PSJ) latest drama which was a webtoon adaptation of Jung Kyung Yoon’s What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? (same title) and here’s what I think. SPOILER ALERT! In case you haven’t watched it.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - Korean Drama Review_

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Release Date: 2018
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Starring: Park Seo-joon and Park Min-Young
Episodes: 16


Lee Young-Joon (PSJ) is the Vice Chairman of a Yumyoung corporation; He’s good-looking, smart & intelligent, highly-capable & affluent or in other words, he’s Hot & Loaded. He’s a perfectionist, but it seems that he’s got no time for a real relationship or even marriage. He’s dating, alright. But it’s just part of his work & show. (ang weird ‘di ba?) Pero sabi nga nila, behind every man’s success, is a woman and this is where Kim Mi So (Park Min-Young) comes in.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - Korean Drama - 6

Kim Mi So (Park Min-Young) is Lee Young-joon’s secretary for 9 years and you can say that his life depends on Secretary Kim. From minor, menial tasks up to major responsibilities, she handles it for him. Until one day, she told her boss that she wants to resign from her position.

Her reason?

She wants to start her life anew. She wants to have HER LIFE.

It’s one of the things that I liked about this K-drama. As a viewer, I can honestly relate to Ms. Kim’s character. I’ve worked as an Executive Assistant (EA) for a year and when you work as a secretary, daig mo pa may asawa, kasi kung yung asawa mo nga siya bahala sa lunch niya, ikaw you take care of everything. All day, every day. Minsan may extension pa outside the office like sa pamilya at friends ni boss.

Being a secretary is a serious job and I have such high respects for all the EAs out there! You intelligently anticipate things. Common sense is one of the qualifications of being a secretary. It’s enough to have A BACKUP plan, you should have a backup to the backup plan. Your job is also based on trust and confidence. And loyalty, it’s something that not everyone can give.

You have to know a lot of things, too. At times, hinihingian ka rin ng payo ni boss so dapat you know a lot of things, chismis. included. You’re also the gatekeeper and the friendly neighbourhood secretary. You understand the value connections and you learn how to pull strings when needed.

You run, jump and be Darna (or Wonder Woman) when needed.

Madalas yung mga nagagawa mo for your boss, hndi mo nagagwa sa sariling pamilya mo and that’s why i understand her reason why she wanted to quit. But Lee Young-joon can’t get it why she wanted to leave her job so he did a lot of (crazy, stupid and romantic) things just to convince her to stay. 🙂


What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - Korean Drama - Romantic 1


This is how it works: 

For example, you used a high-quality headset with the likes of Bose’s Quietcomfort 35 II (superb noise-cancellation, by the way!) and you get amazed by the crisp sound quality. Then after that, you went back to your usual in-ear headset, all of a sudden, you get to notice na basag ang tunog. Basag ang base. Sound quality is not a nice as that headset. Ang ending, you can’t help but compare the two, and of course, you want the best.

That’s what Young-joon did. He planned his farewell gift carefully and really made huge gestures – nagpasara ng theme park, rented an entire restaurant, went on a cruise at may pa-fireworks! Then, before the night ended, there’s a huge stuffed animal given to Mi So.


The day after that, Mi So went on a blind date which was later found out by Young-joon, but he’s confident that there’ll be no second date because of the curse of the blockbuster date.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - Korean Drama - AURA


One of the first few scenes that I liked was when Pil-nam (Mi So’s eldest sister) told her if she can explain to Young-joon how they’ll kill & fight each other just to get the fried chicken’s drumstick while on his world, they’ll fight & kill for shares & stocks.


What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - Korean Drama - The Ramen Theory 2

Apparently, in Korea daw there is such a thing as the ramen invitation which is equivalent to “Netflix and Chill” or sa ‘Pinas, kinda similar to “tara, coffee tayo!”

If you’re a tito/tita and you have no idea what I’m saying, a ramen invitation is somewhat similar to asking the guy if he wants to stay and (maybe have sexy time?) I mean, for all we know, it can just be an innocent ramen invitation but who knows, right?! OMG, people nowadays! 🤣

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - Korean Drama - memorable scene - The Ramen Theory


What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - Korean Drama - Unforgettable Scenes - This is the moment

WHATTA revelation! A shining moment for Mr. Yang! 😀


Obviously, umaatikabong product placements sa dramang ‘to but then this Coke moment between Mr. Yang and Ms. Bong was very cute & romantic. 😍😍😍

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - Korean Drama - Cute Scene with Coke


What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - Korean Drama - Cute scene 2 woth young Mi So and Young Joon

When the story behind their childhood memories was revealed, naiyak ako sa scene because it was very traumatic. In my opinion, it was the kids who had the heaviest scenes in this drama.


Park Yoo-sik is Lee Young-joon’s best friend kahit hindi niya aminin. He’s his confidant and relies on his advice when it comes to relationship matters. I love this character! He’s so patient pa with his secretary na hindi pwedeng lumipas ang isang araw na walang kapalpakan! Siya ang boss, pero siya ang nag-aadjust. LOL!

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - Korean Drama - Mr Park


What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - Korean Drama - Lee Sung Hyun:Morpheus

Another favourite moment of mine was the scene between the brothers apologised to each other. It was awfully sad, painful and good at the same time. It was a heavy scene between 2 male characters and it moved me. Ang galing!

and lastly,



Hindi ako nagwapuhan sa kanya, 😬 and I’m not even sorry saying that. At first, I don’t like his storyline. In fact, I find it ridiculous kasi OA sa tipid, besh! But when he later revealed his reasons, I understood.

Being poor is a flaw and people will not fail to remind you that.

He can’t admit his living situation at work because it’s a flaw. Being poor is a flaw and people will not fail to remind you that. His family used to live in a small apartment and he was never ashamed because they were happy but as he grew older, everything changed. People would always point out that he’s from a poor family.

For example, he got good grades, people can just say “he’s smart!” instead, their phrase will be: “He’s really smart, despite his family’s financial situation…”

or that moment when he’s one of the first students to land a good job in a prestigious company. They can just say “CONGRATULATIONS” but no. People will always point out that he’s from a poor family. They say “He got a good job despite his family’s financial situation”

They can just say “CONGRATULATIONS” but no. People will always point out that he’s from a poor family “He got a good job despite his family’s financial situation”

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - Korean Drama 1


With all honesty, when I watched the first episode of this drama, I wasn’t sure if I want to continue it because it’s rather weird to watch a narcissistic lead character, I’m like, okay… can I take more of his self-love?? Another thing was I found it not funny enough for my taste. But because of my love for PSJ Oppa (Oppa talaga?! Anak ng tokwa!) Pinanood ko yung 2nd episode after a day. 

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - Korean Drama - cute

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is a light rom-com drama. I love the unusual take on the characters and situations. It’s a good combination of the classic drama elements & some twists. Some parts were a bit dragging and I felt that those scenes were somewhat stretched. Alam mo yunang daming unspoken moments with smiles and nods that’s a bit too much. Siguro if they leave some of those, kaya ‘to ng mga 14-15 episodes lang.

But as usual, K-dramas know when to exactly pinch, pull & make our hearts giggle.

And then, I find the character of Lee Sung-yeon/Morpheus (Young-joon’s older brother) to be a bit lacking. Maybe I was expecting more from the character but I got a bit disappointed. Also, I’m not impressed with the actor’s portrayal. Nakulangan ako sa arte niya. You can easily tell that he’s new and he’s got a long way to go.

On-Screen Chemistry

Park Seo-joon & Park Min-Young’s chemistry was okay pero hindi ako masyadong kinilig. Parang hindi nga ako kinilig at all e. I can’t help but compare their team up with Kim Ji-Won and Hwang Jung-Eum. Unfortunately, I wasn’t sold. They are beautiful people but not as a couple. 😕

RATING: 3/5 stars

I’ve watched PSJ’s dramas since A Witch’s Love and while his acting skill was flawless as usual, in my opinion, this is not his best project. I can easily pick Fight For My Way or Hwarang over this. I hope to see more action drama/movie from PSJ in the future because he’s got the looks and built for it. I think he can easily fly solo and soar high. 🙂

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim - Korean Drama - kickass young joon

P.S: Bakit kapag ako nadadapa, subsob agad-agad?? Eh bakit pag sa mga K-drama, ang graceful? At saka kapag natatabig ako, nasasaktan talaga ako pero sila kumekyeme pa?! ABA WOW!


xoxo roma

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