Fitness Spot: Discovery Suites Ortigas

When you become a fitness enthusiast, you’ll realise the impact of your chosen lifestyle with your choices, especially the way you travel. I used to just bring a lot of clothes, shoes & makeup! Plus, the location of the hotel should be near an MRT/bus station and a mall. But now, some of my major concerns are like:

Is there a gym at the hotel? if none, where’s the nearest one?

Discovery Suites - Balance Lifestyle Gym Review_Main cover

Are the gym facilities good?

Also, I have an equal number of activewear with my casual clothes AND now, I only bring one pair of shoes that can be used for walking & exercising. See! Things change! This post is all about a new found spot of mine! This was recommended by a good friend and I’m thankful that I gave it a try! Since then, this gym became my go-to. So, if you wanna know more, scroll down.

Balance Lifestyle Fitness Gym by Discovery Suites Ortigas

Discovery Suites - Balance Lifestyle Gym Review_Main 2


The Balance Lifestyle Gym is a perfect place if you want to workout but wants to avoid a crowd. That’s one of my major considerations. This is also why I prefer working out on afternoons or a little late at night so I can have the place by myself. Because sometimes, ‘di ba, while doing a set or especially a super set & you’re so in the zone, then when you’re about to pick up an equipment or use a machine, you can’t/can’t find them ‘coz another person is using it.

The place can be busy but never be too crowded. 🙂

If you’re a guest at the hotel, all you gotta do is come and log in with your name and room number. For walk-in guests, you have to do the following:

  1. Register your name.
  2. Present a valid ID & it’ll be returned before you leave the gym.
  3. Get your electronic locker key in a form of a bracelet and wear it while you’re inside the facility.
  4. Pay 500 PHP/person per session (cash only)


As mentioned, you’ll be given an e-locker key that you have to wear as you enter the gym. Each locker will have the following:

  • 1 large towel
  • 1 small face towel (that you can use while working out)
  • 2-3 pcs of hanger that you can use for your clothes.

Discovery Suites - Balance Lifestyle Gym Review_Locker Room

The locker is spacious enough to fit large-sized bags. As for the shoes, we normally leave it outside the locker door.

Discovery Suites - Balance Lifestyle Gym Review_Locker


They offer group classes and you can always request for the details of what they offer. As for myself. I use this space for my warm-up/cool-down routine, yoga and pilates. Then proceed to weights and cardio set.


FYI, you can use this facility but they won’t turn on the light because they only turn them on for group classes. Energy-saving daw, people! If you want, you can request but there’s a fee (around 1500 PHP)

Discovery Suites - Balance Lifestyle Gym Review_Studio


This place & their equipment are always spotless! I love it! No traces of sweat (or tears!) Their staff maintains it so well. So as a user, you’ll be conscious too and will make sure you bring everything in order. But you know, it should be a common courtesy of all gym users. Learn how to return your stuff & always clean the mat with alcohol & tissue, if you’re using a common mat. 😉


I enjoy the variety of exercise machine and again, they’re always clean. Since I love strength training, I’m always using them whenever I visit. 😀 Some of my faves are:

  • Divergent Seated Rows
  • Cable Pulldowns
  • Seated Leg Curl

Discovery Suites - Balance Lifestyle Gym Review_Main 4


I (think) this is exclusive for women because so far, we haven’t seen any guys in this area.🤔 They are well-provided with toiletries, hair dryer & a water station, in case you get thirsty after sauna.

Discovery Suites - Balance Lifestyle Gym Review_Ladies Room

Discovery Suites - Balance Lifestyle Gym Review_Ladies Room 3

Discovery Suites - Balance Lifestyle Gym Review_Ladies Room

Discovery Suites - Balance Lifestyle Gym Review_Shower Room


I tried their jacuzzi but requested to change the temperature of the water because it was almost scalding hot! Parang matutuklap balat ko! But after a while, it was relaxing.

Discovery Suites - Balance Lifestyle Gym Review_Jacuzzi


Rates offered:

  • 500 PHP/person per visit
  • 5,000 PHP unlimited for 1 month (as of May 2018)

You can send enquiries for other services that they may offer such as group classes, fitness sessions, etc.

Operating Hours:

  • 6 AM to 10 PM on weekdays
  • 7 AM to 9 PM on weekends

*Schedule may vary on holidays.

Balance Lifestyle Fitness Club
4F  – 25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila


Let me know your thoughts :)

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