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After almost 2 years of putting this book on and off, I finally finished it last week. My gash, ganun na ba ako katamad?? Oh well, here are my thoughts on The Little Paris Bookshop:

The Little Paris Bookshop Book Review

Genre: Fiction/Romance Novel/Psychological Fiction | Published Date: April 2015 | Date Finished: 18 May 2018


  • I picked this up because of the initial premise of the book – The main character of the story, Jean Perdu, works in a bookshop and it’s like your version of Mercury Drugstore (it’s a drugstore brand in the Philippines.) Just tell him what you need and he’ll “prescribe” you the book that’ll match your needs. It’s something different, and it caught my attention. But the real focus of the story here is Jean’s life. Si kuya na hindi makamove on from the love of his life.
  • The story revolved on love, betrayal, loss, moving on and forgiveness.
  • Jean was involved & in love with Manon, a married woman and she’s also in love with her husband. One day, she just left Jean. No explanations given. Only a LETTER. A letter that he refused to read for 21 years. A letter that explains why she left all of a sudden.
  • So here comes the bitter Jean Perdu. Pinili ni kuya na magtampisaw sa ilog of misery and what ifs sa loob ng 2 dekada. Then one day, he took the courage to read Manon’s letter and found out that she left because she was sick (and now dead) which left Jean more devastated.
  • Nina George, the author, deliciously described things so you’ll enjoy imagining the settings, the food, the scent etc. This is also why I love reading books. The mind is fed with words and your brain is forced to be used, at times, senses included!
  • The storyline where Jean finally faced Luc (the husband) was intense & I must say, very dramatic. Their love for Manon was unreal. I wonder if that really happens in real life. Most of the time, the real husband will throw punches once he sees the kalaguyo. Pero dito, he forgave & hugged the man! Nakakaloka! mapapa “oh wow” ka eh.
  • LESSON 1: CLOSURE is needed to completely move on. You can be mad after the breakup, but try to understand why the relationship ended. It takes two to tango & it’s for your own good to know why it had to end. Para wala ka na ring mga what ifs at you can do better on your next relationship.
  • LESSON 2: People change, relationship ends. But you gotta grow and move on. Hindi titigil ang mundo kung maghihiwalay kayo kasi you need to eat, breathe & live. That’s a fact.
  • This book didn’t give me the tickled pink feeling because it was a mature love story. Yet. it’ll appeal to you in every way possible – love, life, fears, grief, etc. Walang pakilig, or pabebe pero maraming emotions.

Favourite Quotes:

The Little Paris Bookshop Book Review_Quote


May parecipe si ateng author sa ending a la del monte kitchenomics! Aliw! Haha! Matry nga minsan!

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