My UPDATED Awesome List

Back in 2014, I just resigned from work so I got so much stuff in my head and I wanna do this, and do that..blah! blah! blah! I was reading articles about how to make things happen in your life and the idea of a bucket list came to the picture.

awesome bucket list


It’s a list of things and experiences that you want to accomplish in your lifetime.

They say that if you got goals, you should envision them and you must always be reminded and then the universe will do its magic and the next thing you know, they are coming to life. One at a time. This is also the reason why some would prefer a vision board that they post on a wall so when they wake up, it’s the first thing that they see.

It’s like there’s this unexplained force that helps you achieve them when you always see your goals. And it’s not the irritating kind. It’s the inspiring kind. Seriously!

So to make it short, I bought this notebook that says “If not now, then when – Bucket List” from Kikki K. and listed the things that I wanna do. After 4 years, I saw the notebook again while I was rummaging all my old notes and books and read my entries, I can’t help but smile because I  didn’t realise that I’ve achieved a lot! So now, I decided to share them here so my blog will also serve as my vision board since I have a daily access to it.

There are 100 items on my list and I had to revise/update them a bit but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna add some more as I go on. 🙂

Awesome Bucket List.jpg


1. Travel to France and see the Eiffel tower.– December 2014

Eiffel Tower 2014

2. Maintain an active blog for at least a year. – Been active since 2014! Yey!!!

3. Go back to London.

4. Travel to South Korea, eat Kimchi & wear a Hanbok.

5. Eat ramen and sushi in Japan.

6. See a koala and the Opera House in Australia.

7. Learn to drive.

8. Own a business – maybe a salon or coffee shop.

9. Visit Disneyland – Tokyo, HK or Florida, I don’t care as long as I get to see Mickey & Donald! –August 2019 (HK); Disney World Orlando – February 2020

10. Own a designer bag that you really want.  July 2014

11. Own my first pair of designer shoes.

12. Enroll in a culinary School.

13. Enrol in a makeup school.

14. Learn a new language and be able to speak the basic sentences.

15. Spend the holidays overseas – yung may snow! hehe!

16. Boracay – Cebu – Bohol

17. Visit Batanes

18. Visit San Juan, La Union.

19. Take a photo in the middle of Times Square, New YorkFebruary 2020

Created with RNI Films app. Preset 'Fuji Instax'

20. Eat pizza, pasta & gelato in Italy.

21. Visit Denmark.

22. Travel to Amsterdam

23. See a real tulips. 

Radiate Positive Vibes

24. Food trip in Thailand; eat authentic Pad Thai. August 2019

25. MAC ecosystem. June 2015

26. Makeup Brand Wishlist – I think I basically covered the brands that I really wanted to try. See the brands that I reviewed here.

27. Wayne Goss Brush – July 2016;

28. A sponsorship/Ambassadorship. – October 2019/Day to Day Athleisure

29. Learn to swim. – working on this.

30. Get Microsoft (MS) Certifications. –  June 2014

31. Lose Weight & Maintain it.  Read full story here. 

The Girl Who Weighed 86 Kilos_This is My Fitness Journey

32. Try Boxing. March 2018

Elorde Reyes Boxing Gym Review

33. Do Yoga & maintain it. – Been doing yoga since August 2017.

Wild Warrior Pose_1

34. Own a Designer eyeglasses.November 2014


35. Travel in Business Class.

36. Book & Experience to stay in a Suite Room in a 5-star hotel. 

37. Finish a Book Challenge in a year – (10-12 Books in 12 months)

Berryduchess Goodreads 2018 Book Challenge Badge

38. Own a beautiful tea set.

39. Experience a real snow. – Paris, February 2016.

40. Eat at Paul’s Cafe. December 2014, Gare Saint-Lazare

41. Experience High Tea.August 2015

42. Be part of a charity organisation.

43. Watch a concert of my favourite band/artist.March 7, 2019 / Maroon 5 

maroon 5 red pill blues tour - singapore

44. Experience Spring.

45. See the beauty of Cherry Blossom.

46. Experience Autumn.

47. Get domain for my blog. January 5, 2015 ~

48. Visit Louvre. December 2014

Louvre_panoramic view_berryduchess

49. Watch Ellen Show in live studio.

50. Learn to bake.

51. Visit and tour a chocolate factory.

52. Attend a coffee convention.

53. Get a collector’s copy of the Golden Girls and Friends.

54. Visit & do the sky dive in Dubai.

55. Be a paid blogger.February 2017 

56. Own a good point-and-shoot camera. – April 2017, Sony Alpha A6000

57. See the Grand Canyon.

58. Try Calligraphy Lessons

59. Be published in a famous site. –February 2019


60. Go for a cruise.

61 Own a farm girl and be a farm girl.

62. Visit Grand Central Station, New York. – February 2020

Created with RNI Films app. Preset 'Fuji Instax'

63. Prepare a food for a party of 50 – A friend’s baby shower.

64. Ride the bullet train & Eurostar.

65. Experience riding a real train.

66. Get a tattoo. – September 2017

Inkvasion Tattoo_arm tattoo

67. See the Swiss Alps and the beauty of Geneva & Zurich. – So this is like half-baked because I saw the Swiss Alps from our hotel room when we were in Geneva BUT! I’ve never been to Zurich.

Swiss Alps

68. Own a pair of silk PJs.

69. Attend a mass in Vatican.

70. Attend a yoga retreat.

71. Travel to Hawaii.

72. Try Brazilian waxing. – May 2018

73. Ride a London Red Bus.

74. Watch Cirque De Soleil.

75. Watch a Broadway Play. -LION KING at Marina Sands Theatre September 15, 2018

Lion King Musical Singapore

76. Practice a Minimalist Lifestyle…For life.I started last 2017 and still on the process of getting there.

77. Visit Jerusalem.

78. Try Indoor Climbing.

79. Try Indoor Sky Diving.

 80. Play Bingo at a Bingo Hall.

81. Professional Photo Shoot aside from the Prenup Shoot. – February 2017


82. Make a soap.

83. Own a house & lot + a car

84. Experience summer in Europe.

85. Live in Europe for 3-5 years.

86. Live a healthy, fit & active life.Trying my best to maintain it since 2015! 😀

PIIT28 Program Review_Berryduchess 2

87. See Sagrada Familia in Spain.

88. Drink milk tea in Taiwan.

89. Adore the Northern Lights in person.

90. Complete a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

91. Visit a real orchard.

92. Visit a real vineyard.

93. Travel to Maldives.

94. Do my first marathon. – July 2019; okay,  this is a virtual run but it’s a huge step for me and yes, I’m recording it here! 😀

raffles run 200km medal 2

95. Name a star after my name.

96. my blog to hit 1,000,000 views! – June 21, 2018

97. Enroll in a gym. – April 2019

98. Own a designer dress – specifically a DVF or Carolina Herrera!

99. Attend an actual yoga class.

100. Try Ice Skating.

101. Bike from our place to Marina Bay.

102. Own a Bianchi Bike.

103. Visit Interlaken, Switzerland & location of Crash Landing on You.

104. Quebec, Canada – Goblin location shooting.

105. Niagara Falls.

There goes my initial AWESOME LIST. I suggest that you do the same. Pick up your pen and list it on a paper, notebook or post its. Maybe you can use your phone and list it out? Or maybe blog it! Whatever and how ever you wanna do it. Just do it! 😀


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