Finding the Perfect Bra Fit

Do you have any idea how important it is to wear a bra that fits properly? 

Importance of Proper Bra size

Bra fitting a very personal experience for women that we don’t actually do it even when we’re with our girlfriends. Add the shame factor of comparing sizes and, please correct me if I’m wrong,  but why do we have this notion that 36B (at least for Pinays) is like the perfect bra size? And why should we be embarrassed if our size is bigger than 36B?

Bra fitting a very personal experience for women that we don't actually do it even when we're with our girlfriends.

But yes, I was also guilty of the same mistake for the longest time – wearing the wrong bra size and in denial that I should wear a bigger size.

I’m almost in my mid-30s and just had my proper bra fitting couple of weeks ago. My window shopping adventure turned into a shopping spree because the bra fit specialist was so nice and assisted me well. I finally found the courage to ask questions so I can get the right size for my undergarments.


She measured my band size and offered some styles to try and let me tell y’all that I kinda want to buy them all because they are all so comfy & fits perfectly! I prefer T-shirt bras but I also got my daily ones which are underwire-free, but they still got the right support.

Aside from the comfort, getting the correct fit of brassiere will address your clothing problems such as:

  • Back Bulges 
  • Tight & digging straps 
  • Loose/Falling Off Straps
  • Tight band 

Importance of Proper Bra fit


1. Ask help from the pros.

Seriously, do it. Don’t be shy because they won’t judge. Ask questions & be honest with them. Let out your concerns. It’s the same thing as seeking help from MAC counter for your correct foundation shade! 😉

I remember asking my fitter if I was wearing the wrong size & she told me that I actually got the right one, but I just didn’t know how to wear them properly. So as she was explaining things to me, she was also adjusting here & there. She told & showed me to adjust the straps correctly and moved the ladies inside the cup for proper support. – That moment, I felt like a teenager who’s wearing a bra for the first time. I was surprised by the things that I don’t know. They are pretty basic but I don’t know them.

2. Bras are not created equal.

Just like carbs, Bras have different fit depending on the style & brands. For example, Italian brands may have smaller sizes compared to the rest. And don’t forget that each body is different, your size will be different from your sisters or your BFFs.

3. Comfort is not a myth! And it should be your PRIORITY.

Tight bras are the worse! Especially when you got your PMS! OMG! are you kidding me? The only thing that I wanna do when I’m on PMS is to take my bra off because they hurt! Tight bras are so uncomfortable. So please, don’t sacrifice comfort with pretty designs.

If in the middle of the day, you find yourself scratching or adjusting your bra just to have some comfort, OR if they leave you with red marks around the body & on your shoulders, then, you got the wrong size. 

Importance of Proper Bra fit_cover 2

You might think that only some girls can enjoy all the pretty & sexy bra designs but you’re wrong! For our plus-sized babes, a lot of brands are coming up with their own plus-size lines with beautiful designs. You got Ashley Graham’s & the recently-launched Savage Fenty by Rihanna.

Importance of Proper Bra fit 2

4. Correct bra fit will make your clothes look better.

Again, back bulges, people! It’s a real thing. And it’s one of the first things that you can get rid of once you wear the proper undergarment. Also, No more spillage on the arm area! So yes to sleeveless! Remember, if your base undergarments fit, the rest will follow.

It is really important that women of all breast sizes are wearing appropriate and correctly-fitted breast support for everyday activities as wearing the correct bra size will improve your general health and well-being”.

- Portsmouth University


Let me know your thoughts :)

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