10 Stories of 2017 | Berryduchess.com

If you’re a new follower or simply missed some of my posts from 2017, then allow me to share my top 10 picks. Some are very personal stories that I chose to share and I hope you enjoy reading! Please click the photos to view the full article.



Hard truths that you may want to know if you plan to be a beauty blogger. 😀


Accepting My Biggest Flaw_1

My mother would always say that the case of my eyes is special.


For the Record_1

We may not be celebrities but if you’re a single woman or a wife in a childless marriage, then you can relate to this. And to the rest, this message is for you.


The Girl Who Weighed 86 Kilos_This is My Fitness Journey_01

If you’re expecting a story of a person who became sad and unhappy because she sees herself as the fat chick and one day she woke up and told herself that enough is enough , went on a strict diet and transformed like the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan – THIS IS NOT IT. So if you still want to read my story, then click this. 😉


Inkvasion Tattoo Studio Singapore Review_ My very first tattoo experience

I wanted to celebrate my first anniversary of my new life a.k.a the lifestyle change that I chose to have moving forward, and I thought of commemorating it by getting inked.


There_s A Lot More Than the Size We Wear_1

Truth is, our confidence is (most of the time) based on the size of the clothes we wear – 8 or 12 or 16 or it can be M, L, XL, XXL. The lower the number, the higher the confidence.


100 Days No Junk Food Challenge_01.jpg

Finally, my 100 Days of No Junk Food Challenge is over and here are the things that I learned from this experience.


Beautiful girl with cute face

If you start watching Korean actors, one of the first things that you’ll notice will be their FLAWLESS skin. And everyone wants that, including me!


7 Reasons Why I Do Yoga.jpg

Doing yoga was actually on my bucket list but having to understand at least the physical aspect of yoga made me realise that I was wrong all this time.


Saying Goodbye to #ProjectBerry65_01.jpg

I’m officially letting one of my fitness goals and here are the reasons why.


Let me know your thoughts :)

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