It’s 2018!!!! And it’s about time to take some extra steps when it comes to taking care of our skin because, let’s admit it, age, stress, pollutants & lack of sleep can easily show on our face and there are times when makeup can’t even cover up anymore. Makeup is good, but nothing beats a clean canvass (a.k.a our face) and besides, I love that the beauty trend is embracing the less-makeup, more-skin-realness. 

That’s why for the start of the year, I want to invite you to join me on this 7-day challenge. Mechanics are super simple and all you have to do is get some face sheet masks that you can purchase from drugstores, beauty shops & counters.

What You Need:

  • 7 different face sheet masks of your choice.

7DayFaceSheetMaskChallenge_berryduchess 01

What To Do:

  • Take a “BEFORE” selfie and save it for later. #NOFILTER, please. 🙂
  • Starting January 15th (Monday), use one sheet mask per day for 7 days straight.
    • I usually include my face sheet mask in my evening skincare routine.
  • Post a sheet mask selfie on (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or all of them)
  • Use the hashtag #Berry7DayChallenge.
    • You can tag other friends so they can join the challenge.
  • After 7 Days, take another photo of yourself and do a “Before and After” with your photo before the challenge started. Still #NOFILTER, please. 🙂

Challenge Starts on: Jan 15th, Monday – Jan. 21st, Sunday

That’s it! Easy right? So are you in? OR you are sooooo in??? I will see you on the 15th and let’s have fun and be beautiful!



Let me know your thoughts :)

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