Brea’s Adventure in the Forest Travel Brush Set by 13 Rushes

13 Rushes is a Singapore beauty brand that started in 2013 and I just discovered them this year. Just as always, everything started with curiosity so when I visited their pop-up booth at one of the malls nearby,  I purchased their travel kit and I also got the chance to meet the person behind the brand.

Brea’s Adventure in the Forest – Travel Kit

13 Rushes - Brea's Adventure in the Forest Brush Set Review 4 by Berryduchess


The travel kit was creatively designed and looked like a kiddie storybook. Inside are the instruction manual and the brush set placed inside a chic, white synthetic leather holder/pouch

13 Rushes - Brea's Adventure in the Forest Brush Set Review 5 by Berryduchess

This kit comes with 11 deluxe-sized brushes:

Base Buffer

  • Best for liquid foundation, BB and CC creams and BB cushions.
  • I use this even out my foundation, apply my translucent powder after concealer & to apply my finishing powder.

Undereye corrector

  • This is one of my personal favourite in this set. It works like a dream and perfect with the concealer of your choice (liquid/cream) and you can use it on your eyeshadows, too.

Cheeky Shader

  • This is for your cheek works like a brush or bronze powder.

Blemish Buster

  • Also known as the concealer brush and works perfectly, especially if you’re doing spot concealing.
  • You can also use these to apply eyeshadow on the lower lash line, or if you want to create some pop & apply highlighter on the corner of the eyes.

Creme Sculptor

  • Another personal pick!! This works well with cream-based contouring and highlighting makeup such as Chanel bronzer and it gives the skin a natural sun-kissed look.

Eye Opener

  • Best for powder-based eyeshadows.

Fluffy Blender

  • Also works great with powder-based eyeshadows but I haven’t worked with this particular brush yet.

Glow Getter

  • I use this with blushes and pressed powders.

Powder Puffer

  • Also for pressed & loose powders and blushers.

Crease Definer

  • Works best for powder-based eyeshadow.

Lip Perfector

  • In my opinion, this is the mini version of my favourite Charlotte Tilbury lip brush.


I was wowed when I learned that it comes with a 6 months warranty and if any of the following happened, you can have them replaced:

  • Shedding
  • Loose brush handles
  • Any manufacturing defects


13 Rushes - Brea's Adventure in the Forest Brush Set Review Singapore by Berryduchess


I’m not a huge fan of travel size/mini brushes because I got flimsy hands, so the size & weight of my brushes should be good enough so they won’t be thrown off up in the air…you know what I’m saying…and yes, they are literally flying off the air. But this was an exception. The first time I held them and brushed it off on my hand, I can already tell that the quality is good.

I bought my travel kit last April and been loving them since day 1. They are like your beauty besties!

In my opinion, the price is justified and reasonable because you are getting high-quality brushes here. Think of those famous & expensive Japanese makeup brushes without breaking your piggy bank.

I bought my travel kit last April and been loving them since day 1. They were like your beauty besties! There was no shredding, whatsoever unlike my MAC 187 DUO Fibre Face Brush…😕 AND! I can’t travel without them! Especially these:

  • Undereye corrector
  • Powder Puffer
  • Creme Sculptor
  • Glow Getter

To sum it up, I highly recommend this brush kit and if you have the chance to try and see them in person, I suggest that you check them out so you can take a look. 🙂 13 Rushes is also doing roadshows and offering different promotions so be sure to follow their social media account to be updated.

Find more details about 13 Rushes here.


Let me know your thoughts :)

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