10 Belly Blitz Moves

10 moves, 45 seconds 😉 These are taken from my actual workout (as always) and it’s on normal speed.

Belly Blitz - 10 moves by blogilates

Split Crunches

FFroggy Hops

Hollow Rock

Twisted Mountain Climbers

Single Leg Drop_variation

Single Leg Drop

Starfish Reach

Table top Push and pull

Cha Cha Abs

Ab Rope Climb

Demo here:

I hope you had a blast trying this workout because I did! I’m so into Blogilates because she simply makes the workout fun! I love combining my favourite moves from her together with my other exercises and I’m gonna share them here soon!! So better SUBSCRIBE so you won’t miss anything! 😉 You can do that via email or follow my other accounts where I share my BTS & previews.

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Let me know your thoughts :)

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