6 Booty Moves to Try This Week!

The month is almost over and before that happens, make sure that you try these booty moves!  Do these at 45 sec per leg.  If you can do 2 sets, then do it! Make it 4? Sure!

Some of these can impact your joints when done fast, so start slow and pick up your pace. You don’t actually need to move fast, what’s important is that your core is engaged and make every contraction count!  Quality over Quantity – ALWAYS!

Push Pedaler Squat

Puppet Legs.gif

Tip Over

Straight Leg Pulses

Low Rainbow Leg

Side Pulse of Death

I’m currently following Blogilates’ October Workout Calendar for the first time and working out is more fun! Honestly, I haven’t followed the schedule religiously because I got my own but I love mixin’ & matchin different exercises! I prefer a more personal workout routine so I’m always up for something new and build my sequence from there. Also, if I can have compound exercises, the better! So for now, try these booty moves and I’ll be back for more of my favourite workout moves!

Watch the full video guide here:


Let me know your thoughts :)

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