Singapore Diaries: Pasarbella @ The Turf Club

A quick note: I had a huge expectation on this place.

Pasarbella_The Turf Club Review


Pasarbella_Papitos Paella

Okay, so I want to get this straight because I kind of expected that it will be like that of London’s Borough Market (click this to view the post) A Farmer’s market that is in an open lot, lots of fresh produce and foods that will leave you salivating and makes you want to try them all, but when we reached the place – IT IS A MARKET, but a covered one.

Borough Market

If you’re from the Philippines, it is basically like those private palengkes that our moms used to hate because ‘tho it’s cleaner & more sosyal, but the prices of the goods are higher. 

Pasarbella_Papitos Paella 2

We went on a Monday so we don’t expect a big crowd but the downside of a lesser crowd is that it feels lonely. The rustic ambience, empty tables and bored looking stall staff did not help uplift the mood. But then, I didn’t mind that because I was excited about the food! All I wanted was to satisfy my gastronomic needs.

After exploring the stalls, I decided to get a Paella while he indulged on a crackling roast pork.

Papito’s Paella

Pasarbella_Papitos Paella review

Before I chose my meal, I asked the woman manning the stall on the difference between the Meat Paella and the Paella included in the meal. Her response was not clear so I assumed it’s the same thing. Therefore, I got the paella meal (with Earl Grey Lemon Iced Tea) and I’ll say it now – I WAS NOT HAPPY WITH MY FOOD. 

Pasarbella_Papitos Paella

This is how my meat paella looked – it looks sad. It had:

  • 2 thin slices of chicken
  • a slice green bell pepper and 2 slices of zucchini, which didn’t taste newly cooked.
  • a lonely tomato and 
  • 2 slices of chicken chorizo

Pasarbella_Papitos Paella review 2

I’ll admit that the rice is tasty, but that paella is just not worthy to compare with Marche’s freshly made, hot-off-the-stove paella.

  • The serving size is okay.
  • The dish was served cold.
  • The ingredients didn’t taste fresh at all
  • Marche’s Paella is priced at 19.90 SGD vs Papito’s Paella price at 13.50 SGD – I’ll choose the first one.

So yes, you can just imagine the huge disappointment on my face. If I were to rate this, I’m giving it a 2/5.

Marche's Seafood and Chicken Paella

Marche’s Chicken & Seafood Paella

Keith Crackling Roast

Keith Crackling Roast Review

This is the platter that he ordered and it included:

  • thinly sliced crackling roast 
  • honey roast pork
  • baked potato 
  • white rice

I was not amused by this order because of the fats haha! hey, I’m trying to be healthy, remember?

Okay, but seriously, the skin was really crunchy but the fat and meat ratio of the pork was not balanced enough. It was too much for my liking, but it maybe heaven for some. In my opinion, the Hong Kong Roast in Food Republic is better with just 1/3 of the price. As for the honey roast pork, it was okay. Nothing bad, but nothing special either. 

The set meal is priced at 18 SGD ++.

There goes our sad lunch on a special day but thankfully, we were saved by coffee.

Dutch Colony Coffee

Pasarbella_Dutch Colony Coffee.jpg

Pasarbella_Dutch Colony 2

The face of an unamused woman waiting for her coffee.

Pasarbella_Dutch Colony 2

The setting of this coffee place will definitely appeal to your inner hipster soul but the most important of all, their coffee did not disappoint!

Pasarbella_Dutch Colony

I ordered their signature Flight Coffee that comes with a shot of espresso & a small cup of cappuccino while the mister got an iced mocha. What can I say? These tiny cups saved the day!

Pasarbella_Dutch Colony_Flight Coffee


Our Pasarbella was far from what we’ve expected. I was assessing my experience and after meditation and relaxation, I gave it another try to justify what just happened. Was it because the expectation was too high that a visit on a weekday failed us? I don’t think so. The overall ambience may have helped pull off a more positive rating, yet sadly, it was the fail food experience that made it worse.

The place is very Instagram-worthy but I don’t think I’m gonna be visiting again soon.

Was it just me or was this overrated?

How To Get Here

 Pasarbella – The Grandstand

  • Bus Stops: B42019 Opposite Sixth Avenue Station or B42029 After Swiss Club Rd
  • Public Buses: 66, 67, 74, 151, 154, 156, 157, 170, 171, 174, 852, 961

Directions to walk from bus stop to The Grandstand:

1) Alight at bus stop opposite Sixth Avenue Station and walk along Turf Club Road.

2) Alight at bus stop after Swiss Club Road and walk along Swiss Club Road.

MRT: Sixth Avenue Station

Directions to walk from MRT to The Grandstand: Alight at Sixth Avenue Station (Exit B)  and walk along Turf Club Road



Let me know your thoughts :)

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