4 (Probable) Causes of Those Nasty Breakouts

Ever wonder why despite using a lot of face products, you still fight your battle with acne? I wondered, too! For more than 20 years, actually. And looking back, I found 4 main reasons why I kept having the pimples.

Clean Face

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1. Hormones

For us ladies, hormones will always be one of the culprits of acne. Here is where skin care plays a very important role because it helps in managing cystic acnes (hate them!) Having a skin care regimen is not just a superficial thing or kaartehan, rather a way of loving yourself more. 🙂


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2. Diet

Since I started my fitness journey (full story here), I became more conscious about what I eat and there was a significant change on my skin. I stopped munching on junk foods – cookies, sweets, chips, processed meats, etc and my skin has never been this clear.


Cleaning my diet also helped me find out that I’m ALLERGIC TO YOGURT and it’s causing me those huge, cystic acne. 😦 I keep a food diary to help identify if I have other food allergies and so far, I learned that if I consume too much sugar or binged on foods with a lot of preservatives, a spot or two will come out.


So if you think you’ve tried everything yet you’re still getting bad breakouts, then you might need to check your diet.

3. Bad Habits

Smoking, not having sleep and picking on zits & touching the face with dirty hands are just some of the bad habits that can cause serious breakouts. Try to have a lifestyle change and you will thank yourself later.

NEVER forget to remove your makeup PROPERLY. Soap and water will not take off the products properly and these may cause clogged pores. Same goes with sunscreen. You have to remove it properly before washing your face. DON’T BE LAZY. Having a long, tiring day and sleeping with your makeup on is just not acceptable. 👆🏻


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As for those itchy hands, try to calm yourself and stop touching the acne. Forcing it may cause scarring and it’s not pretty and don’t even blame the concealer if it can’t hide the spot anymore.


4. Cleanliness

This word applies to your personal and common things that you use & touch every day.

Makeupclean them at least once a month especially if you use them daily.

Brushes & Toolsdirty bristles that you use on your clean face can clog your pores and sometimes, it can also cause skin irritation/infection.

Mobile (screen) this is a very common thing that we use a lot and without knowing, dirt can transfer from a surface to your face. YIKES!

Towels &Beddings – Make sure that you change them weekly.

Workout gear – yes, you have to wash the yoga mat!

Makeup and brushes

These does not guarantee that we’ll all be pimple-free but understanding the basic triggers will help in keeping the zits at bay.


Let me know your thoughts :)

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