Colourpop Spring 2017 feat. Nectar & Pink Collection

Oh, the sweet shades of Spring brought to us by Colourpop!

I don’t have the entire collection but I picked up the colours that caught my eye and I got 2 eyeshadow palettes and a blush duo.

Colourpop - Blow Me Away and Belle of the Ball Review

Colourpop released 3 collections for their 2017 Spring Collection and they got:

  • SAND – nude tones
  • PINK – fresh pink tones
  • NECTAR – peachy coral hues

But for this review, I will feature two of the collection’s shadow palette and one blush duo.

Colourpop - Blow Me Away and Belle of the Ball Review


(Pressed Powder Shadow Palette)

Colourpop - Belle of the Ball Review

Shades from From L-R:

  • SECRETS – matte pale baby pink
  • SOFT CORE – matte warm pink
  • FAIR PLAY – matte hot pink
  • ON THE FENCE – metallic frosty pink

Colourpop - Belle of the Ball Review

For the swatches, I used a brush instead of fingers for real representation of the colours.

Colourpop - Belle of the Ball Swatches


(Pressed Powder Shadow Palette)

Shades from From L-R:

  • TAKE A BREAK-  duo chrome peach with a subtle gold flip
  • ISSUES – matte pastel peach
  • *CENTERFOLD – matte vibrant coral
  • *SLIM FIT – matte hot red coral

*Not intended for use in the immediate eye area.*

Colourpop - Blow Me Away Review

Colourpop - Blow Me Away Swatches


Pressed Powder Face Duo

Colourpop - Done Deal Swatch and Review - Packaging

  • ABOVE & BEYOND –  warm pink, matte blush
  • MADE ME DO IT –  champagne pink, pearlized highlighter

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Colourpop - Done Deal Swatch and Review


These are my first set of Colourpop eyeshadows and now I understand why everyone loves them. What’s not to love, really? They are highly-pigmented (as seen on the swatches) and easy to work with & blend. I haven’t tried wearing them for a test run, so I can’t comment on the longevity of wear just yet. I’ll have a separate post for that.

The shades for both palettes can be worn in different ways – use them all and you can have a bold eye look or downplay you makeup by wearing just one or two shades and a simple mascara or maybe some brown liner. I love:

  • Secrets
  • Soft Core and 
  • Issues

I’m not a fan of Centerfold, Slim Fit, and Fair Play but it’s just my preference. But who knows! I might use them with other shadows. Quality-wise, they are good! Lastly, I love that even if they come as a palette (packaging & all,) you have the option to place them on your own (customised) palette.

Colourpop - Spring eyeshadow Review


The blush leaves a soft pink colour on the cheeks and the highlight! you can say that line ~ Highlight On Fleek! When I tested the blush duo, I noticed that the blush faded after 3 hours of wear (considering the hot weather here and no setting spray) but the highlighter did not move.


The affordability of their products is one of the top reasons why we all love Colourpop. They sure know how to deliver high-quality products with a reasonable price tags. Lastly, they are now shipping internationally!

  • Belle of the Ball – 18 USD
  • Blow Me Away – 18 USD
  • Done Deal – 16 USD

Singles are priced at 5 USD each.

*these were ordered thru PingBong Shoppe.

It was nice to finally get the hype whenever this brand releases an eyeshadow palette. I mean, I surely understand their popularity when it comes to lip products but not with their other makeup items.

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