Quayside Seafood Restaurant, Clarke Quay

And because it’s the weekend, let’s tickle those taste buds! I’m here to talk about our dining experience at Quayside Seafood Restaurant in Clarke Quay.

Quayside Seafood Restaurant

photo courtesy of quaysidedining.com

Le hubbes (a term coined by a former coworker which is another name for husband) highly recommends this place since he already tried it before. He was 100% sure that I will love the food (‘di daw siya mapapahiya kahit anong mangyari) and after weeks of planning, plus we’re staying near the area, we finally did it.


The restaurant is along the Riverfront so you can enjoy having dinner with a view. It’s pretty romantic for couples on a date.

Quayside Seafood Restaurant - Review

This is me pretending that I’m texting/browsing my phone but I really know that he’s taking my photo 😛

Quayside Restaurant Review - River view 3


What to expect? Seafood, of course! I think they have chicken, beef & pork but we opted to get some of their best dishes.

Quayside Restaurant Review

For starters, we got their soft shell crabs in a small order. All orders are available in Small, Medium & Large. If you want to try different dishes in one dining, you can order in small portions and it’ll be enough for 3-4 people.

Quayside Restaurant Review - Soft Shell Crab

This was categorised as an appetiser but I can actually eat this as my main course. Seriously delicious.

Quayside Restaurant Review - Fried Prawn in Red Chili

Quayside Restaurant Review - Sweet & Sour Fish

Quayside Restaurant Review - Broccoli with Scallops

Quayside Restaurant - Review

This hearty dinner satisfied our palates and there’s no way to finish everything! But let me remind you that all were ordered in small servings but maybe we went a little overboard, tho’ the plan was to really indulge and I say, we nailed it. I tried the fried rice (and it was great) but I preferred to munch on my veggies than grains. And the coconut juice? A perfect partner for our meal.


There’s nothing to be disappointed about their service & staff. In fact, they’re all attentive, courteous and know what to recommend to first timers. The waitstaff would even serve the rice for you and ask if they can refill your bowl if they see that you’ve consumed enough.

THE PRICE ($$ – $$$)

Okay, now this may be considered on the pricey side. On average, (just our estimation) a dinner may cost you around 80 SGD and up per person. But you know, this type of restaurant is not like your usual dining place. It’s where one would dine on special occasions, or if you’ve got guests that you want to treat because they’re in town.


Despite the mixed reviews on this restaurant, I would still highly recommend it to our friends and to you, my dear readers. We don’t have anything bad to say, really. We’re just foodies who tried their dishes and experienced loved at first bite (love with every bite, actually.) In fact, we look forward to dining again maybe sometime in the next months!

If you ever visit Singapore or you’re staying here but haven’t tried this food spot, maybe try checking them one of these days and indulge, too! 😀


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