Staycation at Swissôtel Merchant Court Singapore

Long weekends can be great for a quick out of town trip or in our case, we chose staycation. A little R&R within the city is actually not impossible. Wherever you live, I’m pretty sure that there are ways to spend your holiday. It’s been years since our last staycation so we wanted to do it again and this time, we chose Swissôtel Merchant Court to be our home for a couple of days.


The hotel is easy to find even if you’re commuting. Take the MRT and go off at the Clarke Quay Station (purple line) and go to Exit G then just follow the signs. Take the escalator to go up and you’ll find that the MRT exit/entrance is connected to a mall, facing the hotel’s entrance.


Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore - Swiss Executive Room

We were upgraded to a Swiss Executive Room (and we really appreciate that) sans the Executive Lounge privileges. We skipped the offer of getting the club lounge privileges (for a fee, of course) because we know that we’ll be out most of the time.

Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore - Swiss Executive Room

Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore - Review

Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore - Review 3

Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore Review - Working Desk

Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore Review - Bathroom 2

Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore Review - Bathroom

Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore Review - Bathroom

We enjoyed their Pürovel toiletries because it’s so refreshing and the shampoo – it won’t give you a stiff hair texture. The shower gel! oh goodness, match it with a warm/lukewarm shower,  so relaxing.


There are 2 restaurants and 1 bar at the hotel:

  • Ellenborough Market Café
  • Blue Potato
  • Crossroads Bar


Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore Review - Ellenborough Market

This restaurant serves international and local cuisines and this is also where buffet breakfast is served daily. Buffet breakfast is around 38++ SGD per person while lunch buffet (some drinks are billed separately, like fresh juice) will cost you around 58++ SGD per person. 

Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore Review - Ellenborough Market


It’s good, actually, better than Westin. Here’s the thing, I love the quality of service and rooms at Westin, except the food. It’s an area of improvement on their part and I hope they change it. Our last visit was like 3 years ago so I’m not updated.

So going back to the food, yeah. They have the usuals:

  • choices of bread, cheese & spreads
  • congee (and you can choose your toppings)
  • seasonal fruits & fruit juices
  • cold cuts
  • different kinds of salad
  • some steamed vegetables and a lot more.

Their coffee was not good. It was lukewarm and weak and very watery. I’m sorry but I’m really picky with my americano… so… 😐 For the buffet lunch, it was different. I enjoyed the food choices and my picks leaned towards the Chinese cuisine. Apologies for the lack of photos because we got so busy chowing. 😛

If you are into Western food like burgers, fries, etc. You can try the Blue Potato Restaurant. This is located near the pool area so if you fancy having drinks while sunbathing, you can do that here.

The Crossroads Bar serves high tea, cocktails and for those who have sweet tooth, you can get your chocolate fix here between 7 PM – 10 PM where they serve the Chocolate & Berries Buffet. Priced at 32++ SGD per person you can choose your drinks (coffee, tea, juice, etc) and enjoy different cakes, pastries, chocolate fondue and ice cream flavours. I think this is the only place where they serve Mövenpick’s ice cream in this hotel.

Swissotel Merchant Court - Chocolate and Berries Buffet

They serve a decent cup here, just like how it’s supposed to be! Just sayin!

I can’t do death by chocolate/dessert…

Now, me being me, I can’t do death by chocolate/dessert because the morning after, I already felt that my throat is a bit sore like I’m about to have tonsillitis! But I enjoyed our mini-date here. 😀

Other features & amenities:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Spa & Gym
  • Guest Services

They also have a smart handphone available in the room (not sure if it’s available to all rooms) that you can use to browse if you want to check the places to visit near the hotel.


The overall experience was really pleasant and here are the rest of my comments:

  • Their staff are knowledgeable and very attentive to the needs of their clients.
    • The bell boy who took care of our luggages walked us thru and explain the hotel’s amenities & where to find them. Impressive! We don’t usually get this from other hotels. 😀
  • They make up the room on time and made sure that the mini bar and complimentary bottled waters are replenished by the time we get back to our room.
  • We enjoyed the complimentary coffee and tea (Nespresso & TWG) at the mini bar.

Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore Review - Swimming Pool


Feel free to try their breakfast buffet but if you are staying for more than one night, try exploring the options nearby. You’ll save you money this way. Between breakfast, lunch & dessert buffet, I say go for the lunch.

Areas of improvement:


A bit petty, yeah? but if you’re a coffee person, you’ll understand my point. It’s a good hotel so as a guest I expect quality services, coffee quality included. You don’t know how a good cup can make a difference to a person’s morning or day. 😀


It gets busy especially between 12 PM – 2 PM (check in/out time) and long queues may be expected. We know that they are doing their best to accommodate every guest but we (together with the other guests who we overheard) feel that this can be improved.


Like I said, their staff are attentive. Too attentive that they can also distract the guests. When we were at the dessert bar, the waitstaff would come every 5 minutes to check and ask us or clear our table. It was awkward because there are times when we were in the middle of a conversation or laughing then they will approach us to clear the plates. I mean, it can potentially spoil an intimate moment or a romantic evening. Maybe they can check every 15 minutes but not 5. Again, just sayin’

…it can potentially spoil an intimate moment or a romantic evening.

So aside from these things, I’m happy with our stay and I can’t wait to be back!

Swissotel Merchant Court, Singapore
20 Merchant Road Singapore 058281


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