Favourite Food Places in Singapore

Today I’m sharing our favourite food spots (in alphabetical order) here in Singapore so be ready to salivate! ūüėÄ


Angelina Singapore - Croissant

Originally from Paris (review of Angelina Paris here), this café is simply elegant. If you want to spend an afternoon in a posh way or just looking for a different ambience but with good food, then you should try this. Very Parisienne!

Angelina Singapore

Angelina Singapore

Angelina Singapore - Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc


  • Signature Old Fashion Hot Chocolate “L‚ÄôAficain”¬†
    • composed of three carefully selected kinds of African cocoa from Niger, Ghana, and C√īte d‚ÄôIvoire.


AOne Singapore_Hot Plate Noodle in Jiang Nan Style

I love eating here especially on rainy days because this is the best porridge that I’ve ever tried here.¬†I always go for their Dried Scallop Porridge with Cuttlefish, Shredded Chicken & Crab Meat porridge while he loves the Hot Plate Noodle. The serving size is quite generous so to those who has small appetites, one order can be shared.

AOne Singapore_Hot Plate Noodle in Jiang Nan Style

Hot Plate Noodle in Jiang Nan Style

AOne Singapore_Dried Scallop & Chicken Porridge


  • Dried Scallop Porridge with Cuttlefish, Shredded Chicken & Crab Meat porridge
  • Deep Fried Prawns with Creamy Salted Egg Sauce
  • Handmade Beancurd with ‘Chai Po’ in Hong Kong style Sauce


Cedele Singapore Seabass and Shrimp Salad with Orange Mustard

Since I started to eat clean, I quickly became one of their loyal patrons so if you are vegetarian or into healthy eating, this is the restaurant to pick. Seriously delicious! If I were to rank these restaurants, Cedele is definitely on top of my list.

Cedele Singapore Broccoli & Mushroom Soup

Broccoli & Mushroom Soup

Cedele Singapore Turkey and Salad with Mandarin orange

Cedele Singapore_ Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake

Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake


  • Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Gourmet Thins – Mushroom and Cheese
  • Ice Cream – esp. the Salted Caramel!


Chicken Up

I reviewed this¬†Korean¬†restaurant before (review) and since then, it became our favourite chicken place. This reminds me of Jollibee & Greenwich’s Fried Chicken and oh my gosh! –¬†crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.¬†

Chicken Up Singapore - Spicy Seafood Noodle

Spicy Seafood Noodle Up

On rainy days and when I’m craving for something spicy, their Spicy¬†Seafood Noodle Up will always come to mind. Yummy!


  • Crispy Up Mega Half Chicken
  • Spicy¬†Seafood Noodle Up


Chop Chop Singapore - Chicken Karaage and Rice

Chicken Karaage Rice Bowl with Chop Chop Sauce

It’s fast food, it’s spicy and never fails to hit the spot! This is his personal favourite – we love it a lot¬†that the staff actually knows us by face ūüėÄ Their signature Chop Chop sauce is something that we can’t get enough of!

Chop Chop Singapore - Chicken Karaage and Fries

Chicken Karaage  with Fried & Chop Chop Sauce

Chop Chop Singapore - Fish and Chips

Fish & Chips


  • Chicken¬†Karaage with Chop Chop Sauce¬†
  • My favourite pair will be the¬†Mushroom Rice Bowl + Chicken Strips


My desire for Starbucks seemed to have faded since mid of 2016 and Coffee Bean (CBTL) replaced them. In my opinion, CBTL offers better¬†flavour &¬†food choices. Tho’ Starbucks¬†have better merchandise. :/

Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf Mexican Chocolate Cake & Hot Double Chocolate

Also, their coffee shops are less crowded… so that’s a plus!

Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf_Slice of Mexican Chocolate Cake

Mexican Chocolate Cake


  • Ice Blended Mocha¬†
  • Straight Iced Tea – Swedish Berry
  • Home-Style Carrot Cake
  • Chicken and Mushroom Fusilli¬†


Their bowl of seafood noodles (worth 6 SGD) was my first dinner when I came to SG and I was overwhelmed because it was a huge bowl, to begin with. In my sumptuous bowl of freshly made noodles were an egg, shrimps, fish ball, cuttlefish ball, crab sticks & some bok choy. And now, I got used to the size that I can finish it in 20 minutes or so.

Food Republic - Formosa Delights Seafood Noodles


Aside from chicken, I also love a good Japanese food and Ichiban Boshi is my go-to whenever I crave for something sushi. It’s not a 5-star resto but it sure can satisfy¬†your sushi cravings.

Ichiba Boshii Singapore - Sushi

Ichiba Boshii_Singapore - Sushi

Ichiba Boshii_Singapore - Sushi

Ichiba Boshii_Singapore - Chicken Karaage Meal


  • Salmon Belly Mentai Yaki¬†
  • Sashimi & Sushi ¬†Gozen
  • Chicken Karaage


Nandos Singapore - 2 piece Peri-Peri Chicken

Peri-Peri Chicken with Red-Skinned Mashed Potato

Aside from their world-famous chicken that caught our hearts, we also love the restaurant’s ambience and friendly staff. They know how to take care of their clients and patrons and make sure that you are comfortable and taken care of. What a nice way of doing business!

Nandos Singapore - Mediterranean Salad

Mediterranean Salad with Feta Cheese

Nandos Singapore - Cataplana Porto

Cataplana Porto


  • Signature Peri-Peri Chicken
  • Espetada Carnival
  • Mediterranean¬†Salad with Feta Cheese
  • Cheese Cake¬†


Ramen & Tonkatsu Ma Maison - Katsu

Pork is not my favourite but¬†if you¬†give me a good katsu then we can get along. I discovered this restaurant when I was at the Capitol Piazza and after my lunch at the¬†Ramen & Tonkatsu Ma Maison, I can’t stop talking about it and made sure to come back!

Their katsu is like The House of Yabu’s but BETTER¬†– this is more tender and after eating here, I don’t think I would want anything inferior to this.

and lastly,


Thai Express Singapore - Pad Thai Talay

Pad Thai Talay

For months and months, Thai Express has become our¬†carinderia (local eatery selling and serving and viands with wooden benches) because we just can’t get enough of Thai food!

Thai Express Singapore - Mango Salad

Mango Salad

Thai Express Singapore - Tom Yum Rice

Tom Yum Rice

Thai Express Singapore - Chicken with Cashew

Chicken with Cashew

Thai Express Singapore - Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea


  • Red and Green Curry with Rice
  • Tom Yum Rice
  • Pad Thai Talay
  • Chicken with Cashew
  • Watermelon & Lime¬†

These are just some of the food spots that we really love and it won’t be a surprise if you see us dining in these restos every weekend. I’m also excited to try new places and if you have a suggestion, just leave them at the comment section below. But one thing is for sure,¬†¬†I’ll add more places in the future. ;D


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